Printable Butterfly Template

Printable Butterfly Template

Last year, I crafted a simple butterfly mobile for our daughter’s nursery, and in the post I included a link to download a PDF of the template I created. It’s occurred to me since then that the template is hard to find buried in the middle of that blog post, and that it would be helpful to create an entire page dedicated to the printable butterfly template. You can see a preview of the template below:

Printable Butterfly Template

The template includes 4 different styles of butterflies, and the easily-printable PDF is available as a download at the link below:

PDF – 180kb – Click Here To Download

Creative Commons

As the icon above suggests, I’m making this¬†template¬†available under a Creative Commons¬†Attribution / Non-Commercial / Share Alike license rather than traditional copyright — meaning you’re free to use, share, and modify this template for any non-commercial purpose as long as you provide proper credit (a link back to this page would be fine). If you have any questions about using the template on your blog or website, feel free to contact me!

Butterfly Mobile In Nursery

And finally, if you want to check out the butterfly mobile I made for our daughter’s nursery using this template, click here to read the post about it. A quick sneak peek can be seen in the photos above, but check out the full post for all the details!