Transitioning To A “Big Girl Bed”

One of the most vital necessities we needed to get ready before the arrival of Baby #2 was the crib. From the beginning, the plan was to upgrade Lillian to a bigger bed and use her old crib as a hand-me-down for the baby, since it didn’t make sense to get a second crib for […]

Baby’s First Haircut

So for the past few months, Joe’s been saying, “Lillian needs her hair trimmed. At least the bangs. Look, it’s in her eyes.” And I’ve been saying, “Naww! It’s fine.” And to everyone else, it’s been obvious for quite a while now that Joe was 100% right: I’m not sure what it was — maybe I’d […]

Big Bouncy Ball, And Other 18-Month Adventures

Lillian turned 18 months old yesterday — it’s so hard to believe she’s getting closer to two than to one! So for today’s post, I thought it would be nice to share some of what we’ve been up to lately, starting with the fun we’ve been having outdoors since it’s (finally) started getting warmer around […]

Teaching Our Toddler To Eat With Silverware

It’s easy to take silverware for granted when you’ve been using it for as long as you can remember, but being around a 16-month-old toddler can be a sweet little reminder of just how challenging a skill it is. The precise movements it takes to get the food on there. The steadiness it takes to get […]

Baby’s First Words: A Language Summary At 16 Months

I remember asking my parents, when I was little, about my first word, and my siblings’ first words. As though there’s a single, definable, momentous occasion when a child first opens their mouth and says something. A clear border between talking and not talking. I must’ve realized at some point that this isn’t quite how […]

Toddler Art, Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! In honor of this fluffy heart-filled holiday, I want to share a quick post about what Lillian has been up to in art class lately. Last week, toward the end of a work day, I was pleasantly surprised to look at my phone and find this picture from Lillian’s daycare. It […]

14 Month Milestone: Walking!

When we were down in Florida over the holidays, Lillian was doing a lot of walking, always while holding onto either our hands or some solid stable object -- in general she seemed to be steady enough on her feet, but just didn't want to let go and walk on her own.