First Time Meeting Santa Claus

Earlier this evening, Lillian’s daycare threw a little Christmas party for all the kids and parents, and there was a special guest — Santa Claus! Okay, so technically I’m pretty sure it was actually the owner’s husband (or someone) in a Santa suit. Also, I should apologize for the poor quality of the photos in […]

First Pumpkin Patch Trip

As of 8:26 pm yesterday evening, Lillian is officially one year old — happy birthday little pumpkin! (← :D) It’s completely unbelievable that it’s been whole year since we became a family of three, but since we’re waiting until this weekend to have folks over for the birthday celebration, I figure I’ll make the proper […]

Autumn Colors and Related Miscellany

Right around the beginning of October, we started to see some lovely fall colors around Chicago. And despite being busier-than-usual with work and fending off nagging seasonal colds (both of which may explain the slower-than-usual updating here on the blog recently) we managed to find some time one weekend to drive around and enjoy the […]

Baby’s First Zoo Trip

A few weeks ago, on our three-day Labor Day weekend, we were trying to figure out something fun and outdoorsy to do, and we decided to go to the zoo. Here in Chicago, the Lincoln Park Zoo actually has free admission, though parking is expensive if you drive there. (And drive we did — taking […]

Neighborhood Block Party #2

This past Saturday was our annual block party, the second one we’ve attended since moving into our house. The street was closed off to car traffic starting at 10:00 AM to leave a wide open space for the party, and we made ourselves at home with folding chairs, a cooler full of refreshments, and even […]

Sightseeing with a Baby in the Summer Heat

My sister Laura, who you may remember as the talented art student who painted the mural in Lillian’s nursery, currently lives in New York. She moved out there to go to college and lives there year-round, attending courses during the school year and working during the summer. We’d been considering taking a road trip out […]

Four Generations at Christmas

Over the past few days, we’ve been busy finally introducing Lillian to Joe’s side of the family down here in Pensacola Florida. Details about the trip, and the intricacies of traveling with a baby, will likely be fodder for a future blog post — for now, I just wanted to make this quick update with […]

Catastrophic Laptop Failure

Thursday night as I was headed off to bed, I noticed that my MacBook was making some strange sounds. It was as though its fans were running full blast, even though it was supposed to be asleep, so I opened it up to take a look and found that the screen had frozen. I tried […]

Chicago’s CTA Christmas Train

Seven weeks after Lillian’s birth, Joe’s still on paid paternity leave from his amazing union job, so he’s been staying home with her while I go into work a few days a week. (I have the kind of job where, in theory, I can work remotely from anywhere with an internet connection, but in practice […]

Giving Thanks on Baby’s 1-Month Birthday

Thanksgiving falls on the 24th this year, and since Lillian was born on the 24th of October, I guess that officially makes this her 1-month birthday. It’s hard to believe that it’s been that long already! We spent today having our traditional turkey dinner with the family. My sister Laura flew in from New York […]

First Halloween

Before Lillian arrived, we wondered whether her first Halloween would be this year or next year. It seemed to be about a 50/50 chance either way, based on the possibilities I charted out in my Guess Baby’s Birthday post. But she definitely came along in time for Halloween 2011, and is exactly one week old […]

Our 1st Wedding Anniversary

One year ago today, Joe and I got married at an outdoor ceremony in Florida, held in Joe’s Grandmama’s gorgeous waterfront backyard. In some ways it’s hard to believe that an entire year has gone by already, and yet so much has happened since the wedding that it seems like it might as well have […]

Neighborhood Block Party & Nursery Beginnings

On Saturday, Joe and I got to attend our first-ever neighborhood block party. We got the notification flyer before even moving in and didn’t know quite what to expect, but it turned out to be quite an experience. Early in the morning, our neighbors roped off the ends of the street with American flags and […]

Chicago Heat Wave

Over the past few days, temperatures have been soaring to record highs here in the Windy City. Both today and yesterday, it made it up to over 100 degrees — and according to the Chicago Tribune, this is the worst heat wave our city has seen since way back in 1995. It’s times like these […]