Rosemarie’s Birth Story

It all started on September 16th, three days before the due date. As mentioned in my final pregnancy update, I was feeling pretty anxious to get baby out — partly due to those pesky pregnancy-related discomforts, but also a nagging sense of concern the longer the pregnancy went on. Lillian had weighed exactly 9 pounds […]

38 Weeks Pregnant, And Waiting For Baby

Only a week ago, I wrote a post about how unprepared for baby I was feeling at 37 weeks — but it’s funny what a difference a week can make, because things have really come full circle since then. Now, I’m just eagerly counting down the days until we can meet our new baby girl. Getting the […]

37 Weeks Pregnant… And Not Feeling Ready At All

Today marks a big milestone: I am officially 37 weeks pregnant, and even though the due date (September 19th) is still three weeks away, baby is technically considered full term now (or early full term at least, according to this). It’s hard to believe — the time really has flown by. On a whole, I’m […]

Pregnancy Advice From The 1940’s

The year before last, while helping my mom clean out the old house in preparation for selling it after my dad passed away, I came across a book that had once belonged to my grandmother — Expectant Motherhood, by Nicholson J. Eastman M.D. (2nd edition), originally published in 1947. Basically the “what to expect when […]

30 Weeks Pregnant (And Starting To Feel Like It)

I’m now 30 weeks along with this pregnancy (going on 31 weeks as of tomorrow). To mark the occasion, here is another “baby bump” picture, originally posted on Instagram: I’ve now graduated to every-two-weekly doctor’s appointments, and toward the beginning of July, I took the one-hour glucose test at my 28-week appointment (where they feed […]

The 20 Week Ultrasound & Other Pregnancy Updates

The calendar says I’m currently 24 weeks along with this pregnancy — and it seems impossible to believe that we’re over halfway there already! So with that being the case, it seems like some updates are in order: Firstly, a few Wednesdays ago was the big 20-week anatomy scan ultrasound appointment. It’s funny how with […]

The Beginnings Of A Second Pregnancy

I mentioned in my announcement post that this pregnancy has been similar, though not identical, to my first one — and I say that mostly because in some ways, it got off to rather a rockier start than the first time around. But to back up and start from the beginning: We decided to “start […]

Big Announcement: Baby #2 Is On The Way!

For today’s blog post, I’m excited to finally spill the beans on some big news: we’re expecting! Baby #2 is due on September 19th! That post I wrote about whether we plan to stay in our house for the long haul may have given it away, or at least led to some suspicions — so […]

38 Weeks: The Final Stretch

Even though there are still technically two weeks until Baby Hart’s due date, we’ve been bracing ourselves for the possibility that the pregnancy won’t get that far. In addition to the fact that baby is measuring larger than many do at 40 weeks, there have also been some signs that my body is gearing up […]

37 Weeks: The Measuring Ultrasound

As I mentioned in my 36-week pregnancy update post, the doctor estimates that Baby Hart is on track to be a fairly large baby, and so this week’s appointment involved an ultrasound to try to get a better idea just how big she’s getting. I didn’t really expect to go in for any further ultrasounds […]

36 Weeks: Cue the Weekly Doctor Visits

On Wednesday, I had my 36-week prenatal checkup — and after the once-every-four-weeks doctor’s visits of early pregnancy, and the once-every-two-weeks visits that started around the beginning of the third trimester, I’ve now finally reached the weekly appointment stage. Baby Hart will be considered full-term in less than a week according to this BabyCenter article, […]

Our 3D Ultrasound Experience

Our 20-week ultrasound way back in June (which feels like ages ago) was a wonderful and memorable thing: not only did our baby get a clean bill of health, but we also got to find out her gender and see her in more detail than ever before. However, it also came with a bittersweet realization […]

30 Weeks: Baby Bump & Pregnancy Update

Since it’s been a few weeks since my last pregnancy update, I thought I’d start this post off with a long-overdue “baby bump” photo. The following before-and-after includes a shot taken towards the beginning of the pregnancy compared to one taken last week: It’s funny — when that first picture was taken, I was already […]

Pasta Salads and Pregnancy Cravings

For the past couple weeks, I’ve been completely obsessed with this pasta salad I ate several years ago in college. See, the cafeteria back at UIC had a refrigerated case full of salads and deli sandwiches, and one in particular became my favorite: it was a pasta salad with rotini, broccoli, green peppers, and cucumbers […]

Whale Watching While Pregnant?

As I mentioned briefly toward the end of my 27-week pregnancy update post, we spent this past weekend in California with some close friends. The trip was amazing. We had a lot planned, and we got to do almost all of it: we braved the ridiculously steep hills of San Francisco, hiked along the beautifully […]

27 Weeks: Featuring Fun New Pregnancy Symptoms

It’s been a few weeks since I posted anything pregnancy-related, so I figure an update is in order. Hard as it is to believe, I’ve already made it to 27 weeks — the tail end of the second trimester — and passed an important milestone somewhere along the way: according to BabyCenter, Baby Hart is […]

22 Weeks: Baby Movement & Other Updates

According to the Wikipedia article, it’s typical for a woman to start feeling fetal movement at around 18-20 weeks in a first pregnancy, and that’s been pretty accurate to my experience. I think I felt the first flutterings shortly after the 20-week ultrasound appointment (more about that here) — and I actually may have felt […]

20-Week Ultrasound: Baby’s Gender Revealed

After many weeks of suspense, today Joe and I went in for the big second trimester ultrasound appointment, and our major hope — aside from a healthy and properly-growing baby, of course — was that we would be able to learn the baby’s gender. (I wrote a bit about that and our decision to find […]

Mysterious Pregnancy Abbreviations Defined

Over the past few months, I’ve noticed something rather curious while browsing the various pregnancy-related blogs and forums: people really like to abbreviate things. This has admittedly been a source of confusion and mild frustration, especially when I’d come across the some of the more Google-resistant ones that happen to match company names and job […]

First Trimester Recap

Since I was already well into the second trimester by the time I started this blog, I figured I would take this opportunity to step back and recount my experiences with the first trimester of pregnancy. The journey began in late February, and it began in a pretty unremarkable way: with a grocery-store-bought pregnancy test. […]