Lillian’s Photo Project: One Year Of Baby Pictures

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote this post about starting up a baby photo project to document Lillian’s first year. After experimenting with a couple different ideas, the one I liked best involved taking her picture every month(ish) with the same stuffed bunny against a colorful backdrop, which for the first photo was a […]

Deciding on Lillian’s Photo Project

Back in October, I wrote a blog post looking at some baby photo project ideas — that is, ideas for making a series of photographs taken at some regular interval to document a baby’s growth over the first year or so of their life. There were lots of fun ideas in that post, ranging from […]

Baby Photo Project Ideas

I love taking pictures. That much can probably be gathered from my posts on this blog, which tend to be packed with images, or from my Flickr account, which has amassed literally thousands of photos over the past few years. So it’s probably no surprise that Baby Hart hasn’t even been born yet, and I’m […]