The Big Bloggy Makeover Of 2013!

I’ve been known to switch things up around here every so often when it comes to the design and layout of the blog — but I think this one takes the cake as the biggest makeover yet! It’s been almost a year since the last time I made any serious changes, so I guess I’m […]

One Year of Blogging

In addition to Lillian turning seven months old, another little milestone has hit: as of last Tuesday, it’s been exactly one year since my first post on this blog. In some ways, I’m almost a little surprised that I’ve had the time and motivation to keep it going for this long, especially with everything going […]

I’ve Decided It’s Spring Now, And Other Bloggy Updates

Maybe it’s the mild(ish) weather, or maybe it’s the fact that the date contains the word “March” now, but I’ve gotten an undeniable urge to update the blog design to something brighter and more springtimey. You’ve probably already seen it if you’re reading this post, but I’ll include a screenshot just to be thorough: I […]

New Wintery Bloggy Design

So as you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been playing around with the blog design. Everything should be the same layout-wise, but I’ve changed the colors to a icy wintery theme, with a few festive holiday touches thrown into the mix. I may keep tweaking things here and there, but most likely it’ll stay this way until […]

Blog Introduction

Welcome to the latest domestic-themed blog to clutter the internet tubes! To give a bit of background, I was inspired to start this blog by two major life changes that happen to be hitting at around the same time: A baby on the way. It’s our first, and my husband and I are pretty excited […]