Baby Handprint Ornament Ideas

In my post about personalized Christmas ornaments from a few days ago, I mentioned wanting to make a baby handprint ornament for Lillian’s first Christmas. There were some great suggestions in the comments, and I’ve managed to find a handful (pun intended) of really cute projects via Google Images and that beautiful time-sink Pinterest. So, […]

Baby Photo Project Ideas

I love taking pictures. That much can probably be gathered from my posts on this blog, which tend to be packed with images, or from my Flickr account, which has amassed literally thousands of photos over the past few years. So it’s probably no surprise that Baby Hart hasn’t even been born yet, and I’m […]

Baby Girl Nurseries

Since we found out we’re having a girl at the ultrasound last month (read more about that experience here), I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the girliest nurseries I’ve found so far while browsing the internets. While many nursery designs could plausibly work for either gender, I think […]

Novelty Nurseries

Lately, I’ve been looking at a lot of nursery pictures online — maybe it’s just the pregnancy talking, but I really love looking at different nursery themes and seeing what kinds of creative things people have done for decorations. I’ve actually started a little collection of nursery pictures, and I figured I’d start sharing some […]