Surprise Working Fireplace

In retrospect, I have no idea how we didn’t notice this right away. We moved into our house thinking that the decorative fireplace was a completely pointless ornamental hole in the wall, and we never suspected that there might be more to it than that. Even though, looking back, there were clues visible in a […]

Living Room Upgrade #1: Adding a Sofa

In the spirit of my recent bathroom storage upgrade post, I thought I’d try to cover a few more of the non-baby-related house upgrades that we’ve tackled since moving in, such as our living room furnishing situation. Back at our old apartment, our living room contained two secondhand black leather sofas, both of which we […]

Bathroom Upgrade #1: Adding Storage

Glancing at my archives, I realized it’s been a while since I blogged about anything house-related, other than our progress on the nursery. In fairness, the nursery is the only part of the house that’s been getting that much attention lately — but even so, there are a few little upgrades that have taken place […]

Refinishing the Floors

Aside from installing a dishwasher, the one other thing we wanted to do before moving into the house was to have the floors refinished — because they kind of needed it, and because common sense and everyone we talked to seemed pretty adamant that refinishing floors is a much, much bigger hassle once all your […]

Kitchen Upgrade, Phase 1: The Dishwasher

One really nice thing about the apartment we’d lived in for the past few years was the kitchen, which was recently built and included new cabinets, new countertops, and a bunch of shiny modern appliances — including, of course, a dishwasher. There are a lot of good things to be said about dishwashers: they tend […]

Virtual House Tour: The Inside

I would have really liked to post this before moving day, but it’s better late than never I suppose: welcome to the long-overdue second installment of the virtual house tour, featuring the inside of the new house. (In case you missed it, the first installment looked at the outside of the house and yard, and […]

Moving Day

Well, we did it! As of today, we’ve moved ourselves, our cat, and almost all of our stuff out of the old one-bedroom apartment and into the new house. It feels like a huge accomplishment, and we managed to pull it off on a national holiday — all thanks to friends and family awesome enough […]

Virtual House Tour: The Outside

As promised, I’ve rounded up a bunch of pictures of the new house — and since there are so many of them, I’ve decided to split it into two posts, one each for the outside and the inside. This first installment will feature a look at the outside of the house and the yard. (Note: […]

Closing Day

Well, it’s official: Joe and I are now homeowners! We closed on our little Chicago bungalow this afternoon. (For more on the trials and tribulations leading up to this moment, check out this post.) It’s almost hard to believe that we own a house now, but I’m really glad everything went through. Last night, we […]

The End of the House-Buying Tunnel

After weeks of back-and-forths with our real estate agent, lawyer, and mortgage broker — not to mention mountains of paperwork — today we finally received word that everything has been finalized, and closing on our new house is scheduled for later this week. (Yay!) All in all, I think things have gone pretty smoothly, even […]