A Nasty Surprise In One Of The Window Boxes

While working on the yard the weekend before last, in between successfully cleaning up one of the overgrown flowerbed areas, I figured I’d get a little head start on one of the garage window boxes in preparation for actually planting some flowers in them this summer. Specifically, this one over here: We’d had these old […]

Coffee Machine Perils

First, in case the title of this post has worried anyone, I should say that it has nothing to do with the hazardous combination of a newly mobile baby plus burning hot coffee (though it probably goes without saying not to let your baby near hot burny things in general). Instead, this post tells the […]

Property Tax Troubles

I haven’t blogged much about the financial complexities of homeownership so far, and for the most part, there really hasn’t been much to say about it. Sure, getting the mortgage was an ordeal that took many weeks and required mountains of paperwork — I wrote a bit about that here — but since then, it’s […]

Crib Shopping at Target: An Epic Failure

Last weekend, we got started on shopping for the most important furniture item in the nursery: the crib. We knew from the start that we wanted something new, since it seems like cribs are always getting recalled for safety reasons and we didn’t want to end up with a secondhand crib that had some kind […]

Whale Watching While Pregnant?

As I mentioned briefly toward the end of my 27-week pregnancy update post, we spent this past weekend in California with some close friends. The trip was amazing. We had a lot planned, and we got to do almost all of it: we braved the ridiculously steep hills of San Francisco, hiked along the beautifully […]

The Story of the Stopped-Up Shower Drain

Earlier today, we showed my family the new house — more pictures coming soon! — and after they left, we stuck around to take some measurements and such in preparation for the work we need to do before moving in. At some point, Joe decided it would be a good idea to try running the […]