Inexpensive Spring Lawn Care

It’s official: spring is here! And spring brings the possibility of all kinds of outdoorsy house things, like planting flowers, gardening, and lawn care. Good old lawn care. I’ll admit to being a complete newbie when it comes to proper lawn care. Growing up, it was just “cut the grass whenever it gets too long,” […]

A Christmas Tree on a Budget

For the past two years, our Christmas tree has been this miniature artificial one. Just a small, simple thing in a plastic pot that we’d decorate with lights and tinsel, and leave to sit all glowy on a bookshelf: I’d gotten it years ago for my bedroom back when I still lived with my parents, […]

The Health Care Costs of Having a Baby

Over the past few weeks since Lillian’s arrival, the medical bills have been slowly trickling in, chock full of fees from the hospital, doctors, specialists, and labs. How much does it actually cost to give birth in the United States these days? To answer that question, I thought it would be interesting to tally up […]

Cloth Diapers vs. Disposable Diapers

Now that Baby Hart’s due date is less than seven weeks away, the issue of diapering is something that we’ve started to seriously think about. There are two basic choices: cloth diapers and disposable diapers. (Well, technically there’s a third choice that involves just holding your baby over the toilet whenever they need to go […]