Breastfeeding Troubles

Lillian is two weeks old today. To mark the occasion, I present to you a long and rambling story about infant feeding! If it’s too many words, feel free to scroll down to the end for some cute baby pictures. Anyway, the story: Throughout my pregnancy with Lillian, I’d been reading a lot about the […]

First Halloween

Before Lillian arrived, we wondered whether her first Halloween would be this year or next year. It seemed to be about a 50/50 chance either way, based on the possibilities I charted out in my Guess Baby’s Birthday post. But she definitely came along in time for Halloween 2011, and is exactly one week old […]

Lillian’s Delivery

In my last pregnancy update on this blog, I talked about how the baby was measuring large, and mentioned that they were considering stripping my membranes on Monday morning to possibly get labor going. But this turned out not to be necessary — the very night before that, baby Lillian decided to come along all […]

Baby Hart is Here!

Lillian Jeanette arrived on Monday, October 24th at 8:26 pm, weighing in at a healthy 9 lbs. 0 oz. and measuring 22.5 inches long. I may be biased, but I’m pretty sure she’s the cutest baby in the entire universe: She’s got a perfect round little face and blond hair like her daddy’s. And she’s […]

Guess Baby’s Birthday!

Now that Baby Hart is technically full term, I’ve been thinking a lot about what her actual birthdate will be. There’s a pretty wide range of possibilities, including some notable dates and holidays, so I thought it would be fun to make a little calendar to break it all down: It starts today, and it […]

Assembling an Ikea Dresser

In the last chapter of our nursery preparation adventures, we were shopping around for a dresser that could double as a changing table (more on that here.) We ended up settling on a white 8-drawer HEMNES dresser by Ikea — and being naive and inexperienced when it comes to Ikea furniture, actually assembling it was […]

Shopping for a Changing Table

After we’d finally gotten and assembled the crib, the next big thing on the nursery agenda was to start tracking down the rest of the furnishings for the room. In addition to the crib and a comfy chair for rocking and nursing (more on that in a future blog post), we knew some sort of […]

Assembling the Crib

After bringing the damaged crib back to Target last weekend, we wanted to try to get a replacement crib as soon as possible. We weren’t too interested in ordering another one of the same model from after the hassle we’d dealt with — and frankly, we’d lost quite a bit of confidence in the […]

Baby Shopping & Baby Registry

The first time we ventured into a Babies R Us, I felt completely overwhelmed. It seemed like they had 500 different models of every conceivable baby product, many of which I’d never even thought about ever needing. Everywhere you look, it’s just baby things stacked up ten feet high: Granted, there are a lot of […]

Crib Shopping at Target: An Epic Failure

Last weekend, we got started on shopping for the most important furniture item in the nursery: the crib. We knew from the start that we wanted something new, since it seems like cribs are always getting recalled for safety reasons and we didn’t want to end up with a secondhand crib that had some kind […]

Our Feline Family Member

Back in October of 2008, a scraggly little calico showed up on our back porch. She appeared to be someone’s lost pet — she was wearing a collar, but there were no tags that might help identify her or contact the owner. And she looked so thin and hungry that we were moved to take […]

Painting the Nursery

This past weekend, we finally got around to painting the bedroom that we plan on turning into Baby Hart’s nursery. Of all the rooms in the house, we’ve easily done the least with this one — in fact, up until a few minutes before we got started with the painting, this bedroom was still a […]

Nursery Painting Ideas

Earlier this week, we picked up some swatches so we could start thinking about paint colors for the nursery. We’ve been leaning toward a wildlife / safari kind of theme ever since the rocking lion unexpectedly fell into our lap, so a pale green seemed like it’d be an ideal color for the room. Narrowing […]

Neighborhood Block Party & Nursery Beginnings

On Saturday, Joe and I got to attend our first-ever neighborhood block party. We got the notification flyer before even moving in and didn’t know quite what to expect, but it turned out to be quite an experience. Early in the morning, our neighbors roped off the ends of the street with American flags and […]

Boy, Girl, or Surprise?

In a little over two weeks from now, Joe and I get to go to the next doctor’s appointment for another ultrasound — and since I’ll be at 20 weeks by then, we’ll have the opportunity to find out if the baby is a boy or a girl. We’re both pretty excited about this, and […]