Rosemarie’s Birth Story

It all started on September 16th, three days before the due date. As mentioned in my final pregnancy update, I was feeling pretty anxious to get baby out — partly due to those pesky pregnancy-related discomforts, but also a nagging sense of concern the longer the pregnancy went on. Lillian had weighed exactly 9 pounds […]

Baby #2 Has Arrived!

She’s here! Rosemarie Ellen was born on September 17th, 2014 at 8:41 pm, weighing in at 9 pounds 5 ounces and measuring 21.5 inches long. (I already posted quick updates on Facebook and Instagram, but had to make sure to update the blog as well!) Rosemarie arrived healthy and perfect, and scored 9/9 on her Apgars […]

Nursery Progress: Patching And Painting

When I last left off on the nursery status, we were in the early planning stages while slowly trying to clean out the Hoarders-style mess that had built up in our “office” over the past year or two. Once we finally got the junk moved out, we went on to the next step: patching and […]

The Nursery Plan For Baby #2

Ever since the start of this pregnancy, there’s been this urgent sense of “we need to figure out where we’re going to stash this baby” in the back of our minds. Originally, we were hoping to do a basement remodel or attic expansion in order to add a couple of extra bedrooms to the house, but we ended […]

How We (Mostly) Baby-Proofed Our Christmas Tree

At the start of this year’s Christmas season (aka right after Thanksgiving) I wrote a post looking through some tips and strategies for helping Christmas trees get along with toddlers (or babies or small children), and we ended up taking some of those ideas into consideration when putting together this year’s Christmas tree. So for […]

Lillian’s Photo Project: One Year Of Baby Pictures

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote this post about starting up a baby photo project to document Lillian’s first year. After experimenting with a couple different ideas, the one I liked best involved taking her picture every month(ish) with the same stuffed bunny against a colorful backdrop, which for the first photo was a […]

One Year Old!

We celebrated Lillian’s first birthday on Sunday. I’m sure that in future years, birthdays will mean swarms of kids and goodie bags and various other birthday party chaos, but this first birthday party was a low-key gathering for the relatives and largely just an excuse for the adults to hang out and eat cupcakes. Still, […]

Crawling, Teething, and Other Baby Milestones

It was barely over a month ago that I posted the last baby update, and we’ve passed some huge milestones since then — it’s a little crazy how you’ll get these long stretches of equilibrium and then bam, everything changes at once. The biggest development by far is that Lillian is becoming mobile. Way back […]

The Eight Month Baby Update

It’s that time again — another month has gone by, and as of this past Sunday, Lillian is officially eight months old! The latest installment in the series of photos with the stuffed bunny, taken a couple weeks ago, is shown at the top of this post. The backdrop for this photo is our new(ish) […]

Seven Months Old

Lillian is seven months old today! It’s crazy how fast time has been flying by and how fast she’s growing and developing. I’m worried that I haven’t been taking enough pictures, which may be a little irrational since I have about five gigabytes of photos sitting on my desktop right now. One big development that’s […]

Upgrading to a Larger Car Seat

One of the perils of being tall parents — I’m 5’9″ and Joe is 6’2″ — is that we have ourselves one very, very tall baby. When we got the exact measurement at her 6-month checkup, we were a little startled to realize that she was only half an inch away from outgrowing her infant […]

The 6-Month Baby Update

A little over a week ago, Lillian sailed past her six-month birthday, and since she had her routine six-month checkup on Tuesday, it seems like a baby update is in order! So to start it off, here is the next photo in her photo series with the stuffed bunny: Gone are the days when you […]

The Five Month Baby Update

As of this past Saturday, Lillian is officially five months old! I kind of skipped making a four-month update — instead, there were the milestone posts about playing with toys and introducing solid foods — so today, I bring you this full and proper baby update. To start it off, here is the next installment […]

Four-Month Baby Milestone: Playing With Toys

Back when I was pregnant with Lillian, I signed up for BabyCenter’s “My Baby This Week” email newsletter, which sends you weekly updates on how your baby’s growing. It’s based on their birthdate, or how far along in the pregnancy you are if they haven’t been born yet, and even though I originally signed up […]

Three Months Old

Well, today is Lily’s three-month birthday! I feel like I say this in every baby-related post, but it’s hard to believe how time flies, and how quickly babies grow and change. She’s definitely not a newborn anymore. Today, I took the third photo for her stuffed bunny series, this time on another one of the […]

Keeping the Cat out of the Nursery

In my blog post introducing our cat Grendel, written before Lillian was born, I expressed some concerns about how to ensure a safe coexistence for our longtime pet and our impending new arrival. It seemed to be accepted wisdom that letting a cat into a baby’s crib — or leaving unattended pets around babies in […]

Baby Photos in the Antique Family Bassinet

Lillian’s great-grandmama has this bassinet that’s been in the family for generations. It’s been painted and re-painted, broken and repaired, and so many babies have slept in the thing that I’m pretty sure everyone’s lost count of exactly how many it’s been. When we came down for our Christmas visit, it was all polished up […]

Eight Weeks

Lillian is exactly eight weeks old today, and it’s hard to believe how much she’s grown and changed already. She’s completely outgrown her newborn-sized onesies, and she can already fill out three-month sized clothes — probably a sign that she’s going to be tall like her mommy and daddy. She had her two-month well baby […]

Reflections on Baby’s Personality

One thing I’d worried about a little, before Lillian was born, was that life with a newborn would be completely overwhelming. Especially after such an easy pregnancy and easy delivery, I would have thought all the good luck got used up already, and we’d find ourselves up all night every night with a screaming colicky […]

Deciding on Lillian’s Photo Project

Back in October, I wrote a blog post looking at some baby photo project ideas — that is, ideas for making a series of photographs taken at some regular interval to document a baby’s growth over the first year or so of their life. There were lots of fun ideas in that post, ranging from […]