Easter Eggs With Painters Tape Shapes

In the wake of my Easter Egg inspiration post, which had a whole bunch of creative and fun Easter Egg ideas that I’d found via Pinterest, I wanted to try out a couple of those interesting techniques! One that I found particularly intriguing was the concept of “blown out” eggs, where instead of hard-boiling the […]

Origami Star Christmas Tree Topper

Welcome to 2013, and I hope everyone has had a safe and happy New Year’s Day! Before we get too far into January, I wanted to post one more Christmas-related thing, this time to share a fun little craft project I tried out. Longtime readers of this blog may remember how our budget Christmas tree […]

Simple Personalized Christmas Stockings

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy decorating the tree, hanging stockings, stringing up lights, taking holiday photos, shopping for gifts, and otherwise being distracted by preparations in the lead-up to Christmas (which is now less than two weeks away!) So in an effort to bring some of this holiday excitement to the blog, […]

DIY Nursery Mobile with Butterflies

As promised way back in that last nursery update, which talked about furniture additions, today I’m finally back with the details of the handmade mobile I put together for over the crib. It was a simple, inexpensive, not-very-time-consuming project, and the following is a sneak peek of the end result: The idea of using butterflies […]

Valentine’s Day Window Decorations

When it comes to Valentine’s Day, I know a lot of people can be pretty cynical: it’s just a commercialized holiday invented by the greeting card companies, and all that. It’s admittedly hard to argue with the logic of those arguments, but somehow, I just can’t bring myself to share in the anti-Valentine’s Day sentiment. […]

DIY Baby Handprint Ornament

Last night, I made a quick post about the various kinds of baby handprint ornament ideas I’ve found while browsing around on Pinterest and the internet at large. The last one, a glittery handprint on a clear glass ornament, struck me as really elegant and pretty, and I wanted to try making something like it. […]