Nursery Progress: Patching And Painting

When I last left off on the nursery status, we were in the early planning stages while slowly trying to clean out the Hoarders-style mess that had built up in our “office” over the past year or two. Once we finally got the junk moved out, we went on to the next step: patching and painting the walls, ceiling, and trim.

It took a while, since all we were doing was a little bit here and there during the evenings and weekends, but I like to think the effort paid off in terms of making this space so much cozier and more inviting. Here is what the room looked like after it was done:

Nursery #2 (After)

(Ignore the weird warping of the edges — an iPhone panorama has so far been the only way I could figure to photograph this tiny room.) For comparison purposes, here is what it looked like when we started:

Nursery #2 (Before)

We did a fair amount of painting when we first moved into this house back in 2011, but somehow this little tandem room just got completely skipped over at that time, and we never did much of anything to it since. So when we got started, it still had the same dingy white walls and greenish-brown baseboards that the previous owners had left it with.

For the paint color, we wanted to go with a pastel yellow — not too garishly bright, but not too pale or cream-like either, and ended up picking “Toasted Wheat” by Valspar. When it first started going on the walls I worried that we chose poorly and it would be too overpoweringly yellow, but seeing it all finished with the freshly-painted white trim, I think it got the balance just about right.

One thing we tackled before starting the painting, though, was to patch some minor cracks with paintable caulk. There were quite a few of these — no more than cosmetic imperfections, but something about seeing those cracks for some reason made me think of bugs and spiders hiding in there, just waiting to get you with their legs. For example, here’s what the doorway looked like before and after:

Doorway (Before And After)

And this random crack in the wall above one of the windows, before and after being caulked and painted:

Crack (Before And After)

And the light fixture on the wall, which had already been painted in the same dingy off-white by the previous owners, after getting a fresh coat of paint and some caulk around the edges:

Light (Before And After)

And finally the ceiling, which was made of bead board, but in a sloppy sort of way with wide visible gaps between some of the boards. Caulking these up probably took the longest, but now that it’s all finished and painted, it’s so nice to look up and not see those big dark cracks anymore.

Ceiling (Before And After)

Speaking of painting the ceiling, we tried out Valspar’s “Ultra Color Changing Ceiling Paint,” which is supposed to go on purple and dry white. I probably got little too excited about the idea of seeing the ceiling in here temporarily purple, and ended up feeling pretty disappointed when the paint went on and it didn’t look purple at all.

Paint (Not Purple At ALL)

(Can you spot the purple section?)

I don’t know it it was bad lighting or a faulty batch or just a crummy misleading product, but I thought I’d share about our experience with it. No complaints about the end result (the ceiling looks great) but the whole “purple” thing seemed to be pretty oversold.

(You let me down, you beautiful can of lies.)

(You let me down, you beautiful can of lies.)

During the patching and painting process, we removed the damaged and mismatched shades that the room started with (along with at least three different kinds of mounting hardware for various bygone window treatments) and once everything was finished and dried, we put up new cordless Ikea “Bruddans” shades:

Windows With Ikea Bruddans Shades

They’re great for privacy, and soften and diffuse the light coming into the room, but aren’t blackout shades by any means — so we might need to consider adding some thicker curtains that can be optionally drawn if we need to be able to darken the room more for daytime naps and the like.

But anyway, that’s the scoop on the changes and improvements we’ve been making on this tiny little room, and it feels so good to have them finished, especially now that we’ve reached the 38-week mark in this pregnancy. Happily, the crib is all set up and moved in, and we’ve been slowly Tetris-ing in a few other nursery pieces — so in the next blog update about this room, it might just actually look like a nursery!


  1. Amazing what a little caulking, paint, and ELBOW GREASE can do! The room looks perfect for a happy baby nursery, excited to see the finished project, and especially to welcome the new occupant!

  2. I think that looks great! It’s really shaping up nicely. The color of the walls is perfect and very cheery-looking. See? It’s all starting to come together. :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE a yellow room! Just ask mom, my bedroom at home was sunny yellow with moss-green carpet . . . she managed to tone it down with buttercup floral on white background curtains and sheets, but it was like being outdoors . . . without the heat and bugs! ;)

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