Nursery Progress: Moving In The Baby Furniture (Tetris-Style)

We’ve reached the 39-week mark in this pregnancy, with no sign of baby’s arrival just yet! So it seemed like a good time for another nursery update post. When I last left off blogging about the nursery progress, we had finished cleaning out the room, patched the various cracks and cosmetic imperfections, and painted the whole thing a happy pastel yellow (more on all that here).

So the next step was to move in the various baby furniture we would need for the room’s incoming new occupant. The wish list of items we wanted to put in there looked something like this:

  • A crib
  • A rocking chair
  • A changing table
  • Some sort of table next to the rocking chair (for setting down baby bottles, etc.)
  • A dresser or drawers for baby clothes storage
  • Shelves for additional storage and/or decorative items

All of which may seem like a pretty tall order, considering that the room we were working with was only 6 feet by 10 feet. But we did manage do cram all of those things in (plus a bonus ottoman for putting up our feet).

Here is the view looking in to the room right now:

Nursery View (Yellow)

And here is a (badly warped iPhone panorama) photo showing the other side of the room:

Changing Table And Shelf

There’s no denying that it’s a bit of a tight fit, but it’s all there, and surprisingly enough it doesn’t even feel all that claustrophobic. For clarity purposes, here is a floor plan showing the current furniture arrangement:

Nursery Floor Plan

A few of the furniture items shown above were new purchases, while others we already had on hand. For instance, the crib got passed down to the baby after we upgraded Lillian to a big girl bed. (It sat disassembled in the dining room for a week or so, and when we finally got it put back together in the nursery, Lillian said, “You built the baby crib bed? Yay! Great job, mommy!” while clapping her hands. A little recognition is always nice!)

The bookcase had also been in our “office” for a year or two, just crammed with various hoarded junk, so it was relatively easy to clear it off in preparation for holding baby paraphernalia.

The glider rocking chair is new. We didn’t really consider re-using the big cushy Lazy Boy recliner from Lillian’s room, partly because we still use it while reading bedtime stories in there every night, but also because it has a large-ish footprint, and we didn’t have much space to work with in the new nursery.

So we paid a visit to Babies R Us to check out their selection of glider rocking chairs, and found that one of the least expensive models was actually quite comfortable. For some reason, though, they only had it available in a dark cherry / chocolate color — and while that wasn’t really our first choice color-wise (considering the whole yellow-and-white thing we had going on in the nursery), we were pretty much set to go for it, since it didn’t really make sense to pay considerably more for a different model just to get a different color.

But then at the last minute we looked online, and found that not only had the same Stork Craft Hoop Glider available in a bunch of other colors, but also for about $50 cheaper than what we would have paid at Babies R Us. So, we went ahead and ordered it in the “White/Yellow Gingham” color — and overall I think it turned out to be a great fit for the room, both size-wise and color wise.

Here is another angle showing a better view of the rocking chair:

Nursery Furniture (Yellow)

The ottoman also came included, and is really nice and comfy to rest your feet on and rock — though if it starts to feel like a tripping hazard or otherwise too much for this little room, we may have to put it away in the basement or something. As for the color of both the glider and ottoman, since it’s kind of hard to see from further away, here is a closeup showing the pattern and texture of the fabric:

Yellow Gingham Fabric Closeup

The little round table next to the glider was also a new purchase. We learned our lesson after trying out Ikea’s “Lindved” side table in Lillian’s nursery early on — that one was also round, and similar in shape and size, but made of metal, which turned it into something like a banging gong when setting things down on it. This one, the Winsome Wood Sasha Accent Table, shouldn’t have that problem since it’s made of wood. It also has the nice little bonus drawer (which in fairness isn’t big enough to store more than the tiniest things, maybe just a pacifier and burp cloth).

Side Table Closeup

And finally, the changing table, which was also new (specifically the DaVinci Jayden 3-Drawer Changer Dresser). It was just about the right size to cram in on the other side of the room, and in addition to providing a dedicated surface for diaper changes, it also included three generously-sized drawers for stashing all those baby clothes and related items).

Changing Table Closeup

Changing tables seem to be one of those items that lots of parenting forums and websites consider optional, but based on our experience with Lillian, we did pretty much 100% of diaper changes on her changing table (technically a dresser with a changing pad on it) if we were at home. So we knew we’d get a good use out of it, and by choosing a model that’s basically a dresser with a sunken top rather than just a table, hopefully we’ll be able to get some use out of it even beyond the diapering days.

All in all, I think things came together pretty well in this little room — it has pretty much the same amount of functionality and storage as Lillian’s nursery did, despite being barely more than half the size. So, victory! And the next steps (which we haven’t gotten started on yet) are the fun ones, to add some decorations and personal touches to the room… Plus, of course, the baby. Crazy to think that she could arrive any day now!


  1. You all have done a great job on the nursery!! It looks great! I love the glider, and the changing table is perfect. I love that it has those drawers in it. That makes things very handy for when you’re holding down a wiggling baby while trying to reach for things. We can’t believe it’s almost time for the baby to arrive!! Love you all!!

  2. The glider is perfect! Love the yellow gingham check, and look at those cool pockets on the sides. The room has a nice comfy, cozy look to it and fresh and airy! Good Job! Waiting to hear that precious baby has arrived!

  3. You chose the perfect colors to make that room seem larger. And I don’t think you will find the ottoman a tripping hazard, everything seems to just fit efficiently, while not feeling sterile. I agree with Lillian, great job!

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