38 Weeks Pregnant, And Waiting For Baby

Only a week ago, I wrote a post about how unprepared for baby I was feeling at 37 weeks — but it’s funny what a difference a week can make, because things have really come full circle since then. Now, I’m just eagerly counting down the days until we can meet our new baby girl.

(Obligatory baby bump picture at 38 weeks pregnant.)

(Obligatory baby bump picture at 38 weeks pregnant.)

Getting the nursery to the point where it’s now (mostly) ready for a new occupant was a big part of that shift in perspective, though I’m also relieved to have finished out my last day in the office as planned. This past Friday was a virtual conga line of coworkers wishing me “Congratulations!” and “Good Luck!” and “Happy Birthday!” (not a non sequitur, Friday also happened to be my 29th birthday as well). I’ll have the opportunity to work remotely between now and baby’s arrival as circumstances allow, but all my work projects and responsibilities are about as squared away as I could have hoped at this point.

All of it has felt sort of like a weight being lifted, and has taken me from “hoping that she stays put for another week or two” to “come on out, baby, anytime now would be awesome!”

Which brings me to the sad irony of the situation (possible TMI warning): at the 38-week mark in my first pregnancy, my cervix was already 2 centimeters dilated, but this time, as of my most recent doctor’s appointment this past Wednesday, there has been zero progress at all. I’m hoping that will change before my next doctor’s appointment this upcoming Wednesday, because it’s sounding like the whole “favorable cervix” thing will be a factor in determining when (and if) that planned induction of labor can go down.

The other day while we were picking up a few last minute supplies at Babies R Us, Lillian eagerly explained to an employee that she was going to have a baby sister. “Oh yeah? When?” the employee asked in that amused, humoring-a-little-kid way. Lillian’s response was, “I don’t know. She’s hiding in there,” and pointed at my ever-growing baby bump.

We laughed at the time, but the description has been feeling more and more appropriate as the days go on. I have to say, I’m hoping this baby will be able to come out of “hiding” sooner rather than later — but at this point we’ll just have to wait and see what happens!


  1. Wow!! It’s amazing to think that there is about to be a new Baby Hart soon. It seems like only yesterday that Lilly arrived, and now she’s about to have a new baby sister. I know you’re ready. Today happens to be Hayley’s birthday, so I well remember the heat and being that pregnant. I hope she comes out of hiding very soon! Love you all!!

  2. Your body knows! The rest of us just have to wait. Try to stay as comfortable and cool as possible — it’s a tedious time for the last weeks of being pregnant. You have lots of folks in Florida sending support and love!

  3. At least you are in Chicago! The heat is miserable here right now . . . heh, Rachel tried to come prematurely, then once they stopped THAT, she seemed determined to not share her birthday with either her Uncle Dave or the turkey (she was due November 23) . . . grandmamma took me Mall shopping DAILY for 2 weeks to get her out! ;) Maureen?

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