Neighborhood Block Party #4

This past Saturday was our neighborhood’s annual block party — and since I’ve been blogging about these every year since we moved into our house, I might as well keep up the tradition! (Also, how crazy that this is the fourth year in a row? I’m building up quite a collection here, with editions from 2013, 2012, and 2011.)

As in previous years, our block party was quieter than what we’ve seen on many of the neighboring blocks. It was mostly a day of sitting around in folding chairs wearing flip-flops, chatting with the neighbors, enjoying cool beverages and snacks and popsicles, watching as the kids ran around playing with toy cars and scooters and splashing in the kiddie pool our neighbor across the street had set up… Actually here’s a photo that captures pretty much all of those things in one shot:

Block Party 2014

Lillian really enjoyed that rainbow popsicle, though didn’t quite eat it fast enough before it melted. (I helped out with the last few bites.) Later on, we enjoyed another kind of popsicle that turned our tongues — and entire mouths really — emerald green, which she thought was hilarious.

While we had firetrucks visit during a few of the past block parties, this year we had a police car:

Police Car With Doors Open

It was actually driven by John Garrido, who happens to be running for alderman in our ward of Chicago, so he took the opportunity to stand around making introductions and shaking hands while the neighborhood kids crawled all over the police car, pretending to drive it and so forth while their parents snapped photos.

Toddler Driving Police Car

(Lillian “driving” the police car.)

It was kind of neat, since seeing a police car so close up (as well as the inside) isn’t really something you get to do every day, and I was admittedly guilty of crawling inside as well. As it turns out, the back of a police car (or this particular one at least) is crazily uncomfortable, so I stayed only long enough to snap a quick goofy-looking photo.

Sitting In Police Car

(Lillian insisted that I buckle my safety belt while sitting in the back of the police car.)

Earlier in the day, we set a portable tent canopy (which my mom had brought over) in our front yard, but ironically we probably didn’t spend more than 15 minutes using it. Most of the day was spent going back and forth between a few of the neighbors’ houses, as well as chasing Lillian up and down the block.

Canopy In Front Of House

(A view of the unused canopy on our trim but slightly weedy front lawn.)

Our sentiment at the end of the day (in addition to being worn out from all the fresh air and exercise, and a little overly full from indulging in too many snacks and grilled foods) was to say, “We should totally join in the planning process next year and see if we can get a bouncy castle and stuff!” But if this year is any guide, we’ll forget all about it, and then the block party will sneak up on us, and then we’ll say the same thing again about the next year, and so on and so forth in an endless cycle.

But overall it was an enjoyable day of outdoor summer fun, and something we’ll probably continue to attend as long as our neighborhood keeps throwing these block parties!


  1. I’m so happy you have a fun neighborhood. The feeling of belonging to a community of family friendly people is so good! The green tongues, police car, and general visiting about make great memories for Lilly, and also for you and Joe!

    Love You!

  2. Those block parties just seem like so much fun and a great way to really get to know your neighbors. Wasn’t it last year that Lillian was following a little boy with a convertible around?? I think it’s cute that Lillian is so interested in making sure you wear your safety belt in the car. When my kids were small, they always felt the need to remind me about that, too. ;) Love you all!!

  3. Maybe it will be like Halloween was for me and my brother: when we got “too old for trick-or-treat” (my mom felt 13 and up was undignified to go begging, unless it was to chaperone littler kids), we planned all sorts of spooky fun for the kids who came to OUR house. Maybe Lillian and her sister will wind up planning the block parties in a dozen years or so!

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