The Nursery Plan For Baby #2

Ever since the start of this pregnancy, there’s been this urgent sense of “we need to figure out where we’re going to stash this baby” in the back of our minds. Originally, we were hoping to do a basement remodel or attic expansion in order to add a couple of extra bedrooms to the house, but we ended up putting those plans on hold for mostly financial reasons (more on that here and here). So that brought us back to square one, and we were left to make any nursery plans fit the space we already have.

Luckily, we do have a bit of extra space in the form of a “tandem room” right off of our bedroom — we’ve been using it as sort of an office nook since we moved in (or more accurately, we put a desk in there but hardly ever use it and it just gathers junk) so it seemed like the perfect space to convert into a nursery for the new baby. Below is a colorful floor plan of the house showing the new nursery location:

Floor Plan With Nursery

In case it isn’t evident from the floor plan, it’s completely open to our bedroom (not even a door or anything, so in some ways it’s sort of like one big room with a dividing wall). Also, the space is tiny — only 6.5 feet by 10.5 feet — but based on some preliminary measurements, I’m pretty sure there’ll be enough room to comfortably fit a crib and rocking chair in there. Ideally we would also like to have a changing table and some storage as well, but it will really depend on how well we can Tetris those things in.

After months of procrastination, we finally managed to devote some time to cleaning out that little room this past weekend. I never thought it was particularly bad, but once we started cleaning, it started to feel like something out of Hoarders. Why do we have all this stuff? We haven’t listened to actual physical CD’s in like eight years! And why did I save this empty box full of other empty boxes? Etc. etc. etc.

So in conclusion, the room itself is still in too embarrassing of a state to post a “before” picture — that will be coming at some point in the future when the rest of the furniture and other junk is moved out. In the meantime, just to get ahead of things by a few miles, we already have a theme in mind as far as nursery decorating goes. It all started when we were at that hot air balloon festival for the Fourth of July and picked up this colorful souvenir:

Hot Air Balloon Spinner / Wind Sock

It’s a windsock spinner thingy intended for outdoor use, but it seemed like just the sort of cheery, colorful item to hang in a future nursery — so it’ll be serving as sort of a jumping off point. A hot air balloon theme seemed like it’d be pretty cute, and not overwhelmingly gender-specific (which is something we were drawn to when setting up Lillian’s nursery as well).

But like I said, all of that is getting ahead of things a bit — at this point, being 31 weeks pregnant, I think I’ll be pretty happy if we can get a crib in there before baby arrives. So much to do, so little time!



  1. That seems like a good place for the baby’s nursery to be. She’ll be close by for those late night feedings. I love the hot air balloon theme. Hot air balloons are so beautiful and can give the room a more open feel, too. I always think of wide open spaces when I see them. I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product. :)

  2. Fantastic Theme! And Lilly will feel like she helped decorate for the baby since she got to go to the actual Balloon Festival. She can spend lots of time telling Baby all about it. It’s perfect!

  3. It will be so cute to have a hot air balloon bedroom!
    They are so beautiful and colorful the baby will love them!

  4. Love it! And a couple of ideas, maybe . . . Hard to tell from just a photo, but if that balloon windsock is malleable enough, I bet it could be turned into a light fixture. If not, perhaps you could find one ready made. And to make the room look bigger AND fit the theme, paint the baseboards and lower part of the walls to look like grass, and get a green rug (or paint the floors too, if possible), then the top 3/4 of the wall AND the ceiling a pale blue. A few sponged on clouds on the ceiling and VOILA . . . outdoors at the balloon festival!

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