New Glasses

In addition to celebrating the 4th of July (which I’m hoping to blog about soon!) a few other notable things happened this past weekend. Like we took a random day trip down to Springfield IL, stopping at a small children’s museum along the way. And in the mundane barely-blog-worthy category, I got new glasses.

My vision has never been particularly terrible, although the pesky Department of Motor Vehicles decided a few years ago that I need to wear glasses in order to drive legally. And I wear them pretty much all the time anyway, just for general clarity purposes. But it had been ages since my last eye exam (about five years, I think?) and I’d started to notice myself struggling more to see road signs, and hunching closer to the computer screen in order to read text on there, even while wearing the glasses.

The other issue was that for the past few months, my old wire frame glasses were no longer sitting right, to the point of making sores on the bridge of my nose. One evening, Joe saw me dabbing at my face with a blood-stained Kleenex, and was like “Sarah! For &@$! sake, go get new glasses!” and it was hard to deny he had a point — if it was just the frames it might’ve been feasible to look into having those adjusted or repaired or something, but coupled with the vision issue it tipped the scales toward actually getting new ones.

So off to the eyeglass place I went. The eye exam indeed revealed that I needed a different prescription from what my old glasses were using, and the eye doctor seemed slightly horrified at how sore my nose looked under the old glasses. She recommended lighter-weight plastic frames, but I didn’t really care for the way any of those looked when trying them on, and ended up going for a very lightweight, yet sturdy-feeling titanium pair with a somewhat different shape than my old ones — the photo below shows a comparison (the old ones are in front):

New Glasses And Old Glasses

I think it’s kind of nerve-wracking trying to pick out new eyeglass frames — just the feeling of “this is going to be part of my FACE” so you have to choose wisely. (On a side note, I did try contact lenses briefly way back when and found them to be generally a bit of a pain, so these days it’s glasses for me all the way.)

Anyway, here is an Instagram photo I posted a few days ago wearing the new glasses:

New Glasses

I like to think the decision turned out okay, and most importantly, the new frames are super comfy and the bridge of my nose is already as good as new. And with the updated prescription everything is super clear — I spent the first few days admiring things like the texture of tree bark, which at some point must’ve started blurring into the background, and I’m no longer am squinting at the computer screen, so hooray for that.

Interestingly, though, I’ve heard some things about how pregnancy can cause blurrier vision, sometimes to the point of requiring a different prescription for glasses according to WebMD — and while I’m pretty sure that in my case the difference has been slowly developing for a while now in that long gap since my last eye exam, I guess it’ll be interesting to see if my vision changes noticeably after this baby is born, or if the prescription will need to be updated again at that point. (Hopefully not!)

But anyway, that concludes the rambling story of one rather mundane thing that happened this past weekend — a (belated) post about our Fourth Of July adventures should be coming shortly! And in the meantime, has anyone out there had issues with vision or eyeglass prescriptions changing during or after pregnancy? I’d love to hear any thoughts or stories in the comments.


  1. You made a good choice, those new frames really bring out your eyes! Good Going! I remember when I got my first pair of glasses, I sat in the car looking at things with and without them, and was astonished at what other people had been seeing that I hadn’t! And your eyesight does change — I went from glasses for distance viewing to bifocals, and now to glasses only for close-up. Don’t have to wear them anymore for driving. That was a big surprise to me!

  2. Hi! I think the new glasses look great!! I’m surprised Joe didn’t say, “For the love of God, Sarah!!” That’s what his father would say!! Anyway, yes, you are doing the typical mother thing. You’re putting other people’s needs first. I do it all the time! Anyway, I don’t recall my vision changing during or immediately after pregnancies. My eyes have changed, but that is more because I’m 44 years old than anything else. I’m looking forward to hearing more about the 4th! Love you all!!

  3. The new glasses look great, but even greater that they are comfy! I don’t recall my vision changing with pregnancy, but it has changed over the past few years (better distance vision, worse fine print), which is good because I haven’t worn my glasses in about 3 years! The fine print thing is weird, because often I can read it if I put a bright light on it, so not sure if it’s a 20/20 thing so much as reduced light adjustment. I can still see fine at night “out in the boonies” for instance, but hate driving anything but interstate at night – one eejit with his bright beams on can blind me for minutes!

  4. Ah, your blog always makes me giggle. :) The DMV IS pesky, lol! The new glasses look great though! And I can definitely hear Joe saying “For $%&#@ sake!” lol! :D

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