30 Weeks Pregnant (And Starting To Feel Like It)

I’m now 30 weeks along with this pregnancy (going on 31 weeks as of tomorrow). To mark the occasion, here is another “baby bump” picture, originally posted on Instagram:

30 Weeks Pregnant

Me with Lillian (and Piggy, her current favorite stuffed animal).

I’ve now graduated to every-two-weekly doctor’s appointments, and toward the beginning of July, I took the one-hour glucose test at my 28-week appointment (where they feed you a really sugary beverage and then test your blood sugar an hour later in order to screen for gestational diabetes). Everything came back normal with that, so that was a relief.

As far as baby’s health goes, everything there is looking good so far as well — good heartbeat, growth is right on track, no abnormalities or problems detected. There was also an ultrasound at that previous appointment that took a bunch of measurements and such, and baby’s weight was estimated at 3 pounds 5 ounces, which falls at the 77th percentile.

As far as other pregnancy updates go, here are some random bullet points:

  • Fruit baby resembles this week: A cucumber, according to TheBump.com, since I guess the average cucumber is closest in size to the average baby at this stage of pregnancy (15.2 to 16.7 inches, 2.5 to 3.8 pounds). Although interestingly enough, I found this article about some freakishly large and possibly record-setting cucumbers measuring 43 inches in length (!!!) — thankfully I don’t think I’ll need to worry about this baby growing that large!
  • Animal I feel like this week: A big lumbering dinosaur. I’m starting to feel pretty huge these days, and bending over is getting a lot harder than it used to be, and I’m starting to do the pregnancy-waddle thing more — which in fairness usually has more to do with stiff/sore hips than the hugeness, but still. *insert dinosaur sounds here*
  • General comfort level: On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being “not pregnant” and 1 being “worst pregnancy-induced discomfort ever,” I’d say I’m at about a 7 or 8 most days. So not too bad! Still doing most of the same things I was doing before (such as working full time, walking two miles a day, and wrangling a two-year-old) despite often feeling like a big lumbering dinosaur while doing it.
  • Sleep: Good! I’m happy to say I’ve been having no issues with falling asleep or staying asleep, or even needing to get up multiple times during the night to go to the bathroom, etc. The biggest threat to my getting a good night sleep these days is just plain staying up too late, doing things like surfing the internet or writing this blog post.

And in the “preparing for baby” category, here are a few random updates on that front:

  • Hospital pre-registration: I actually got all the labor and delivery pre-registration forms filled out and turned in today, which feels pretty good to have gotten out of the way — apparently I didn’t get around to it until the 36-week mark when I was pregnant with Lillian, if this old blog post is any indication.
  • Child care arrangements: Upon learning that there was a spot open in Lillian’s daycare, we decided to go ahead and put in the deposit to reserve it. This may seem a bit premature (considering that we have a few more months before this baby is even due) but it’s a relief knowing we’ll have reliable, high-quality childcare lined up.

But that’s about as far as the preparations have gotten so far. When it comes to getting the house ready or preparing a nursery, pretty much nothing has happened yet, so we’d better get on that — I’m sure these next 10 weeks will fly by sooner than we know it!



  1. Glad everything is going smoothly! ^_^ As for feeling like a lumbering dinosaur…at least you’re a pretty, lumbering dinosaur! :)

  2. All good! Grandparents love to know how you’re doing! Also if you are registered anywhere? There’s a particular joy in getting things for a new baby when you’re a grandparent, and even more as a great-gp. And I’m reminded of one of my Mom’s favorite sayings, “Never judge a person until you see how their grandchildren turn out!”

    Love You All!

  3. I remember those gosh-awful diabetic test drinks – I always felt like they would GIVE you diabetes, they were so sickly sweet! Glad you’re in great health, and the baby too, of course. As for being a lumbering dinosaur . . . 2 miles walking a day?!!! I can’t do that NOW, much less when I was pregnant, LOL! Though Mom did try to walk Rachel out of me that holiday season, but she was determined not to be a “Turkey baby”.

  4. Well, you look beautiful even though you may feel like a lumbering dinosaur. You certainly don’t look like one! Love you all!

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