A Father’s Day Survey, Answered By A Two-Year-Old

I’ve mentioned before that Lillian’s daycare does all sorts of fun crafts and activities, with a project made of construction paper, paste or popsicle sticks for just about every day she spends there. Usually these are sent home in batches every few weeks — so on Saturday, we were a little surprised to open our mailbox and find an envelope containing some handcrafted Father’s Day themed goodies.

Along with a crayon-colored paper tie and “Dad” keychain, there was a laminated sheet with an “All About My Dad” Father’s Day survey that had been answered by Lillian (and subsequently filled in by a grown-up, of course). We found it pretty amusing, and since it seemed too cute not to share, here is a glimpse:

Father's Day Survey: All About My Dad

The image above is probably a little hard to see, so I went ahead and typed out the answers below for easier reading:

  • My dad is grown up years old.
  • His hair is brown and his eyes are brown.
  • My dad likes to wear pants.
  • He likes to eat cereal.
  • He is smart because he knows he’s really smart.
  • My dad works hard at the vacuum cleaner in the car.
  • My dad always tells me close the windows.
  • It makes my dad happy when he goes potty.
  • If he could go on a trip, he would go to in car/boat and he would take the car seat.
  • I really love it when my dad gives me fruit snacks.
  • If I could give my daddy anything, it would be a blue present & a red one too!
  • My favorite thing about my dad is he has two hands!
  • Love, Lily ♥

Some of these answers had us laughing out loud, but made perfect sense — Daddy does put on pants and eat cereal, every single morning! To provide some context, here are some notes and factoids that may clarify things a bit:

  • Daddy’s hair is more of a sandy blond, and his eyes more of a hazel, but I guess brown on both counts is pretty close by two-year-old standards.
  • A few weekends ago, we took the car to one of those self-serve car wash places and gave the interior a good cleaning and vacuuming, for the first time in probably two years. Daddy worked hard at it, alright!
  • Recently Lillian figured out how to open and close the automatic windows in the car –sometimes we tell her to close them, but more often that button just “breaks” (aka we activate the child safety lock feature). Daddy also insists on closing the new front windows before leaving the house.
  • I think any parent going through the potty-training process can relate that a child going potty is cause for joy and celebration and M&M’s, so I wonder if that gives the impression that grown-ups are just fixated on going potty, like it’s the most amazing thing in the world. Like better than Disneyland.

It may seem simple, but reading through this little survey really made our day. Happy belated Father’s Day, everyone!


  1. That is so cute!! Thanks for sharing it!! We laughed out loud, too! We are so glad to know that Joe puts on pants every day. That is very important information! :)

  2. Love it! Lily is very observant! And loves her Dad! Thanks for sharing this, ggm (great-grandmama) appreciates it!

  3. Such a generous child – a blue present AND a red present! And she’s precocious too . . . as we get older, simple things like being able to go potty (especially in a NICE bathroom) do make us happier than they did when we were 20!

    • Haha, that’s a good point — there’s something to be said for appreciating those simple things in life! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

    • Thanks, Jill — Those answers in particular had us cracking up as well! Gotta love what little kids will come up with at this age! :)

  4. It’s makes me happy to know that Joe still has his two hands, uses the bathroom, and puts on pants! She is very smart!! :)

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