27 Weeks Pregnant — And So Far So Good

The weeks have been flying by, and it’s hard to believe that I’m already 27 weeks pregnant¬†— almost getting into the third trimester! The due date is sneaking up on us, and we still have a lot of preparing to do. I also realized I didn’t have any “baby bump” pictures yet, but we managed to snap one outside earlier today:

27 Weeks Pregnant

That small blue purse Lillian is holding is actually mine. “I’m a grown-up!” she said.

I was looking through my old blog posts from when I was pregnant with Lillian, and thought it was interesting to compare what was going on in the 27-week update last time with what’s going on at 27 weeks now. Just to go down the list and see how the various symptoms compare:

  • Weight Gain — So far, I’ve gained 23 pounds during this pregnancy — last time around, I had gained 28 pounds by this week, so I suppose that’s a good thing. On the flip side, I started this pregnancy a fair bit heavier than last time, so it’s not like I’m lighter or leaner; if anything, my total weight is probably higher now than it was during the 27th week of my first pregnancy. My attitude toward diet and nutrition is also pretty lax, as evidenced by this recent tweet:

  • Aches & Pains — One of the “fun new pregnancy symptoms” listed in my 27-week update with Lillian was unruly ligaments and my hips feeling all out of whack. That symptom has returned this time, with my hips feeling weirdly dislocated, though it’s hardly noticeable unless I’m going up or down stairs, and so far hasn’t interfered with walking to and from the train station to commute to work.
  • Heartburn — Only a little so far. I thought it was starting up with a vengeance a few weeks ago, but so far it’s just been a few isolated incidents, and seemingly limited to when I eat spicy stuff — popping a few Tums has been enough to keep it at bay in those cases.
  • Swollen Feet — None yet! Unlike last time at this stage of pregnancy, my Olive Oyl feet are still as unnaturally thin and bony as ever.
  • Baby Kicks — Lots! Just like last time, the kicks are sometimes so hard that it seems like my whole belly shakes.

Symptom and discomfort wise, this second pregnancy seems to be going almost more smoothly than the first (which was pretty easy as far as pregnancies go). It’s enough to make me worry about being lured into a false sense of security only for some big complication to arise — like the appointment for the diabetes test is in a week and a half, so I’ll be knocking on wood that everything comes back A-OK from that.

And in the meantime, we’ll just keep on keepin’ on, try to get moving on our baby preparations, and enjoy these last few months of being a family of three!


  1. We’re all knocking on wood! But it sounds like everything is going well, so no worries! And having an active, kicking baby sounds healthy to me, though maybe uncomfortable. Love Lilly’s grown-up purse!

    • I hope you’re right about a healthy baby, and the kicks aren’t uncomfortable so far — they didn’t bother me too much even later on in the pregnancy last time, though she did get to kicking really hard by the end! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. I love the pic, and we are all very happy to hear that you’re doing well. I believe that everything will continue to go well. You’re young and healthy, so I don’t foresee any problems. Lilly is so cute with that purse! Love you all!

    • Glad we got at least one baby bump pic for this pregnancy! I hope you’re right about good health and no problems, but I guess we’ll see how things go as the pregnancy progresses — Thanks for reading, and lots of love to you all as well! :)

  3. It’s common for successive pregnancies to be easier than the first, if for no other reason than you have survived the first one! The weight thing is very much like mine: each time I did better with keeping my gain down, but it was because I never went back to pre-Joe weight (127, was I really ever that scrawny?), but all 3 came out healthy! {{{{hugs}}}} for all 3 and a half of you!

    • Thanks, it’s nice to be reminded that lots of women are in the same boat with getting pregnant with #2 before ever losing the weight from #1 — I’m just hoping I won’t surpass the maximum weight from last time by too much! Thanks for reading and commenting, and hugs to you as well! :)

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