Big Announcement: Baby #2 Is On The Way!

For today’s blog post, I’m excited to finally spill the beans on some big news: we’re expecting! Baby #2 is due on September 19th!

(A peek at baby from the 11 week ultrasound.)

(A peek at baby from the 11 week ultrasound.)

That post I wrote about whether we plan to stay in our house for the long haul may have given it away, or at least led to some suspicions — so in the interest of full disclosure, this impending new arrival is definitely what’s been fueling the desire for more space. We’ve actually been finalizing some remodeling plans, which I hope to discuss in a blog post very soon!

As far as the pregnancy goes, so far it’s been similar (though not identical) to my first pregnancy — no morning sickness or other symptoms to speak of, other than the self-inflicted ones like avoiding caffeine and alcohol and the like. I’m currently 14 weeks along, and just starting to get to the point of wanting to switch to maternity clothes, even though any “baby bump” isn’t very obvious or well-defined yet.

And as for Lillian, I’m not sure she fully understands she’s going to be a big sister yet, though we still have lots of time to try to explain and prepare her for the idea. On the plus side though, when posed the question “Would you like to have a baby brother or sister?” she enthusiastically replies “yes!” and she seems to do really well with the babies she’s exposed to at daycare, so hopefully these are all good signs.

Anyway, that’s the big announcement to break the radio silence on this blog for the past few weeks — more details to follow shortly!


  1. I was so happy to get that phonecall last week! You and Joe are great parents, and I have no doubt Lillian will be a great Big Sister – though do be on the lookout for her being the “interpreter” for the new baby. Didn’t happen between Joe and Rachel, but when Geoffrey came along, Rachel was such a “helper” that it did affect his speech for a time. Plus when they got older, only SHE could get him to do his chores at times, LOL! It’s what allows them to share an apartment now, though, so not such a bad thing (and I certainly never minded the diapering help either)! Love y’all, and in case you haven’t heard, Joe’s youngest cousin is also expecting in September. Babies for Christmas, yayyyyyyy *does the happy grandma/great aunt dance*

    • Yes, it’s so exciting that we have two babies due to arrive this September in the family! And that’s awesome (and adorable) about older siblings turning into interpreters and helpers for the younger ones — hopefully Lillian will be similarly helpful and engaged when her new baby sibling comes along! :)

  2. Yes, we’re all thrilled, and so happy for you! And with Michelle and Javie’s baby due in September, too, that will give me six great-grands: Casey, Lillian, 2 unnamed, and Dayton and Elijah! Never thought I’d be a great-grandmother!

    • Thanks! It already seems like there are so many kids at your house at Christmas and it’s fun to think that soon there’ll be even more! :)

  3. Yippee!! I’ve been wanting to spread the news for a while now, but I felt it was not my place to do so. I did kind of figure from the wording of your last blog that it was probably happening. It is so great that it is finally common knowledge now. I am also very excited by the due date although it is likely the baby won’t be born on that day. That day happens to be my birthday which, to me personally, is kind of cool. We’re very excited and happy here! Love you all!!

    • Hehe, that’s awesome that the official due date is your birthday! September has a few other notable dates, like my birthday on September 5th, and our wedding anniversary on September 25th — overall it’ll be interesting to see what baby’s birthday turns out to be and if it happens to fall on any of those! :)

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