Our Christmas Tree, 2013 Edition: Red, White, And Green

A belated Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all! It’s hard to believe that 2014 is here already — or that 2014 will be the fourth calendar year to appear in this blog’s archives, for that matter. It’s becoming like a senior citizen in blogland, right?

There were a couple of Christmas-related things I’d been planning to blog about before the second half of December somehow got up and scurried away — so for today’s post, I wanted to finally take a look at our decorated tree for Christmas 2013. (Couldn’t just skip over it after building up all that suspense about going to get it from the tree farm!) Here is a long-overdue photo of the decorated tree in all its glory, taken a week or so before Christmas:

Our Christmas Tree, 2013

Overall it’s pretty similar to how we decorated last year’s tree, except that instead of just white lights, this year we also added some red ones and some green ones. If I remember correctly, it worked out to around 200 more lights this year than last year, making it our sparkliest tree yet.

I think it’s actually pretty neat to look at this post featuring last year’s tree, and compare how different the two look, even with somewhat similar decorations. Last year’s tree had a completely different shape, and even the branches were different — such are the joys of getting live Christmas trees and picking a different species every time!

As far as ornaments go, we re-used the round shatter-proof ones from last year’s attempt at a baby-proof Christmas tree, and of course all of the sentimental ornaments that we’ve been slowly accumulating, including a few that have been featured on this blog — like Lillian’s baby handprint ornament, or this personalized ornament we received as a gift the first Christmas we lived in this house.

On top of those, we did also add in a few small additions this year. Like these red cardinals that Joe picked out (obtained in a three-pack from Target), which are designed to look like they’re perched on the branches:

Red Bird Ornament

And of course Lily’s pick, the ‘Animal’ Muppet ornament, which already received an honorable mention in this post full of silly Christmas things:

Muppet Ornament

And finally, while it may not be very apparent in the photos, this year’s tree was actually a bit smaller than last year’s tree. When we were first picking it up from the tree farm, I even worried a little that maybe it was a bit too short — but from the outside, it actually turned out to be just the right height to be framed perfectly in our front window, with the star visible on top:

Christmas Tree In Window

Anyway, that concludes the 2013 edition of what our Christmas tree looked like! Hopefully next year we can continue the trend of slowly evolving it so that no two years look exactly the same, even while keeping most of the same ornaments and decorations. It’s becoming a fun little tradition around here!


  1. The tree is beautiful! I really love it in that corner. It makes such a lovely Christmas scene! Thanks for sharing it with us. :)

    • Thanks! I was hoping to post this sooner (aka before Christmas), but better late than never I suppose! :)

  2. I like the idea of using the sentimental ornaments and adding just a few new ones that have some meaning attached. And I love the way the tree looks from the outside, like people who love Christmas and family live here!

    • Thanks! We didn’t get a chance to put any lights in the windows this year, but I really liked how warm and cozy the tree looked from the outside. And hopefully we can go on adding a sentimental ornament or two each year — it’s fun to look back on the story of each one! :)

  3. I think the new lights add some warmth, and the smaller size makes the star look more grand. Especially nice that it can be seen from outside! We surely enjoyed your visit, wish they could be more frequent! I haven’t seen you ALL year *pretends to pout* – continuing my dad’s tradition of saying either that, or calling and saying, “wow, I haven’t spoken to you since LAST YEAR” within the first week of January. Love you all!

    • I think you’re right, the star topper does go really well with the shape and size of this year’s tree compared to last year’s. Thanks for reading and commenting, and it was great seeing you guys as well — wish it could be more often! Lots of love to you all! :)

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