Types Of Live Christmas Trees

In my last post about going to a real Christmas tree farm to pick up this year’s Christmas tree, I mentioned that there were a bunch of different kinds of trees to choose from, and even said, “I could probably fill an entire blog post with the different kinds of trees we looked at.” So just to live up to my own challenge, here is a random post about five different kinds of live Christmas trees we looked at last weekend!

Types Of Live Christmas Trees

All of these photos were just taken with my iPhone as we wandered around the Christmas tree farm, and I included my hand in the photo to provide a sense of scale. And then I made the collage above, and even added some festive Christmasey touches.

To start out, here’s a closer look at the Balsam Fir, which had short bristly needles packed tightly together on the branches:

Balsam Fir

(Balsam Fir)

The Douglas Fir had slightly longer needles and looked fuller in general. The photo below has the sun coming in at a weird angle, though — it wasn’t actually this yellow:

Douglas Fir

(Douglas Fir)

The blue spruce has a definite blue-ish tint to the needles, and of all the types of trees we looked at, it was by far the pointiest. Maybe they’re not all this way, but based on the ones we saw I don’t think I would enjoy putting ornaments on one of these.

Blue Spruce

(Blue Spruce)

The Scotch Pine had long thin needles, which gave the branches kind of a fluffy look, and overall a much different appearance than the short-needled ones we looked at.

Scotch Pine

(Scotch Pine)

And finally, the Concolor Fir (or White Fir) had longer needles, but the shape of them looked more like the short-needled trees than the Scotch Pine (or the White Pine we got for our first Christmas at this house — you can see that one here). Here’s a close-up of one of the branches:

Concolor Fir

(Concolor Fir)

We ultimately picked a Concolor Fir this year, which had more to do with the overall shape and size of the tree than the shape of the branches or needles. (Though I thought those had an interesting look as well!)

So anyway, that’s my collection of Christmas tree specimens this year, described and documented all sciencey-like. Not that I’m stalling or anything… okay, okay, we still need to finish actually decorating our tree. Hopefully the details on that will be coming to the blog shortly!

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