Some Lovely Pre-Christmas Snow

For the past couple years, Decembers here in Chicago have been fairly mild, without much in the way of substantial snowfall before Christmas. But yesterday, we got around four inches of snow, and it was a lovely sight, sticking to the tree branches and turning our boring residential street into a wintery landscape almost worthy of a Christmas card:

Snowy Street

We had a doctor’s appointment in the morning to get Lillian her flu vaccine (which was available as a nasal mist rather than a shot — everyone involved was very happy about that!) and since our pediatrician’s office is on the 6th floor, I was also able to snap this photo showing a bird’s eye view of the snow falling outside:

Bird's Eye View of Church in Snow

It ended up being just enough snow to create that wintery atmosphere without making parking too difficult, and it fell slowly enough that the roads didn’t seem too crazy while we were out. Compared to some snowstorms we’ve gotten in the past (like the big 2011 blizzard, which I mentioned briefly in this post) or winters with no snow at all before Christmas, it was kind of perfect.

Granted, it doesn’t stay all pretty and pristine for long, and within a day or so the lovely snowy landscapes mostly turn into icky dirty salt-stained city slush-piles, but I enjoyed it so much while it lasted that I didn’t even mind shoveling our sidewalks. (But then, maybe that’s just the brainwashing effect of all those catchy snow-glorifying Christmas songs playing on the radio!)


  1. Lovely! I’ve never been in much snow, though we did have a couple of pretty big snow storms when I was a child. We lived on a steep hill, and some of the boys made a kind of toboggan out of 2 x 4’s and went down the hill in the snow once, about midnight. By morning we had 3-4 inches of snow and the toboggan tracks had frozen over. Set it back into the tracks and that thing really flew down the hill! I’m glad you were able to enjoy the snow!

    • That sounds like it must’ve been a blast, and I imagine the frozen tracks must’ve made that homemade toboggan fly like a rocket! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

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