Autumn Adventures

There are a few weeks in autumn that seem to go by in a whirlwind of things to do — Lillian’s birthday, Halloween, gorgeous fall colors to see, pumpkin patches to visit. It was the same feeling last year (which I wrote about here), and this year it was even more chaotic after some problems came up at the new job that had me working overtime in the code mines for the better part of two weeks.

Happily, things have settled back down again — and in between we even managed to get out and partake in that laundry list of autumn adventurey things! So for today’s post, here is a photo-filled recap of some of the highlights.

Red Autumn Leaves

We drove around to our local forest preserves to check out the changing colors of the leaves (or as Lillian put it, “bye-bye green”), and the lovely red of the tree shown above is probably one of the most stunning examples we found. It’s all so fleeting though — a week goes by, it seems, and all the trees are bare.

Lillian’s second birthday rolled around on October 24th, and after last year’s cupcakes (which were perfect for a one-year-old to smash and eat) I actually attempted to bake a proper birthday cake this time. It was pretty simple, just a round cake with sprinkles and a big “2” written in frosting along with some birthday candles. Here’s what it looked like all lit up as we were singing “Happy Birthday”: 

Second Birthday Cake

Lillian made a valiant effort to blow out the candles, but ended up getting some help with the blowing part. It was a lot of candles!

Second Birthday Candles

For the birthday party itself, we considered inviting a bunch of kids from the daycare to it, but ended up just doing a simple family thing like last year. Lillian didn’t seem to mind either way, enjoying the attention and cake and presents just fine — but we figure next year we’ll have to start doing a “real” birthday party with kids and activities and party favors!

Continuing the tradition we started last year of visiting a pumpkin patch (you can read about last year’s edition here), we paid a visit to one called County Line Orchard this year. As the name implies it was actually more of an apple orchard, but it still had a petting zoo and hayrides and lots of pumpkins. We had a blast, and I could probably fill an entire post with photos and details — for now, though, here’s Lillian with a perfectly toddler-sized pumpkin:

Toddler With Pumpkins

For Halloween, we waited until the last minute to pick out a costume, and weren’t even sure what to be looking for when we finally did go out shopping for one. Then we went down the Halloween costume aisle at Target, and this happened:

Toddler In Witch Hat At Target

Lillian loved the witch’s hat, so we picked up a purple and black witch’s dress costume as well, along with one of those little pumpkin pails. Here’s Lillian all decked out in her costume on Halloween, looking rather serious about the prospect of going out trick-or-treating:

Serious Trick Or Treating

(Trick-or-treating: it’s serious business.)

But I think she had a lot of fun going from door to door and getting candy!

Toddler Trick Or Treating

Speaking of Halloween activities, here’s one last fun little picture from a few days afterward of Lillian “hiding” behind the tree in our front yard, then poking her head around the side and saying “Boo!” to scare her poor unsuspecting dad:


All in all it’s been a busy, yet very fun couple of weeks — and I have a feeling the “so many things to do” feeling is only going to continue with Thanksgiving and Christmas right around the corner!


  1. She is so adorable!!! That smile could light up the darkest day! I love the little witch costume. It’s perfect. Thanks for letting us be virtual participants at Lilly’s party. That was so much fun!! Love you all so much!!

  2. I love that pumpkin patch picture. That pumpkin was HEAVY! And the family birthday party was just right! Super that you had a chance to get out and see the leaves turning. Busy time, yes, but so many happy memories! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Such a winsome witchling! I have to say, I envy your having real seasons up there! We get about 3 days of fall weather, then 3 months of “whatever I wear today, it’s wrong”! Had to bring in plants last week, then hustle them back outside 2 days later. Thank you for taking so many wonderful photos!

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