Blooming Around The Yard: Lots Of Zinnia! {Bloom Day, July 2013}

Way back in April, I planted a bunch of Zinnia seeds in a seed starting tray, and despite a murder attempt from our favorite plant-eating feline, they survived all the way to getting planted in the ground. (Check out this post for that whole story.) And then at the end of last month’s Bloom Day post, I shared some pictures of how those Zinnia plants were getting buds, and were on the brink of blooming.

And now, finally, the suspense is over! Behold this lovely crop of Zinnia flowers blooming at the corner of our garage:

Zinnia Plants In Bloom

I took most of these pictures a week or two back, but they haven’t changed too much since then (except maybe to get a little bit taller). There are a ton of flowers in a bunch of different colors, and a surprising variety of different shapes!

For instance, some plain-looking red ones:

Red Zinnia (Closeup)

And plain purple ones with a bit more tentacle-like appearance in the center:

Purple Zinnia Closeup

And pink ones with only a single row of petals, and what look like teeny tiny yellow flowers in the center:

Pink Zinnia Closeup

And orange ones with a double row of petals and a lot more teeny tiny yellow flower-looking things in the center:

Orange Double Zinnia

And really fluffy pink ones with four or five rows of petals:

Full Pink Zinnia

And red ones with so many rows of petals that they start to take on a rounded look, like some kind of pom-pom:

Full Red Zinnia

Quite a lot of variety to get out of those two little packets of flower seeds!

And for some reason, I wasn’t expecting how many flowers each of these plants got — how they branched and branched, with each one having seven or eight flowers. Multiply that by the fifty or so plants that made it into the ground and that’s quite a lot, with a steady stream of new ones just waiting to bloom:

Zinnia Buds

So that’s the happy ending to my first seed-starting project! It was a lot of fun to see them grow all the way from the start.

Meanwhile, in the category of “things I didn’t plant or put any effort into,” the clematis planted by the previous owners of our house, and which is growing up along the trellis right behind the zinnia crop, also bloomed over the past few weeks:

Clematis On Trellis

Here’s a closeup of the flowers:

Purple Clematis Flowers

They’re a deep purple and most of them have four petals, but beyond that I don’t know anything about it, or what kind of clematis it is, or anything else.

And moving on to the “things I didn’t put enough effort into and are now dying” category? Sadly, those petunias we planted in the garage window boxes. Now that it’s getting hotter and dryer outside, it’s been getting harder and harder to keep them watered well enough to keep them from getting all wilty. I will spare you guys the brown-thumb photos, but suffice to say, I’m starting to see the appeal of the desert cactus garden thing the previous owners had going in those window boxes. (Even if the dry sandy soil did end up making a perfect home for a gigantic ant colony.)

Anyway, that concludes another Bloom Day post! I know I’m like two days late to the party this time around, but feel free to hop on over to May Dreams Gardens and check out the 140 or so posts from garden bloggers around the world!



  1. Beautiful!!! I love all the different colors and types. There’s just something about seeing beautiful flowers that brightens up your whole day. I’m sorry to hear about the petunias, but yes, these summers are so terribly hot! But there’s no such thing as global warming, right? ;) Great job with the flowers! :)

    • Thanks! :) The sight of bright colorful flowers really do brighten up a day, and it makes me happy to glance into the backyard and see this little patch of blooms. Maybe we can still revive the petunias through some combination of pruning and faithful watering, but if it continues to be hot and dry (and if I continue to be forgetful) they may be a lost cause. Thanks as always for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Don’t you just love Zinnias! They totally remind me of my childhood. Growing up, we’d plant a HUGE patch of them…every color and shape and size…and blooming continously all summer long…it was glorious!

    • A huge patch of Zinnias sounds amazing! I really do love these things — they’re probably my favorite flower that I’ve grown in the yard so far (not that I’ve grown very many yet, haha). We’ll definitely have to plant some more next year! :)

  3. I lke the zinias too, but the clematis looks kind of lonely growing up it’s trellis. Since it seems to do well, you might want to think about a climbing rose to go with the clematis, like this

    Or maybe some green no-flowers vine just as a background filler for the clematis. You and Lillian will have lots of fun experimenting with different plants!

    • Thanks for the link! I totally agree about the clematis looking a bit sparse and lonely on the trellis, and I love the idea of adding another plant in to fill it out more — either a climbing rose, or another type of clematis, or some other viney climbing plant. I even wonder if we could find something that would bloom at a different time than this clematis (either earlier or later) so we could have flowers on the trellis for longer? Will have to do some research and plan ahead for next year! :)

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