Petunias, Roses, And Lots Of Buds {Bloom Day, June 2013}

A few days ago, I posted with the epic story of some zinnia seeds I was trying to grow, and at the end I mentioned that a few of the plants were starting to get buds. I wondered if any would bloom in time for the June edition of Bloom Day (the addictive recurring monthly feature over at the May Dreams Gardens blog on the 15th of every month), but sadly, no zinnia blooms yet.

But! There are a handful of other blooms around the yard, so for this post I figured I’d go around and share some of those.

First, an update on the petunias we planted in the new garage window boxes. Not only have they not died, but they’ve gotten a LOT bigger and fuller! For a comparison, check out the photos at the end of this post to see what they looked like when we first planted them, and then compare it to the photo below:

Window Box With Petunias

I’m really happy that we’ve been able to keep them alive and all that good stuff — I’ve actually been remembering to water them consistently (every day, or every other day at most), and it’s been paying off. There’s something so uplifting about the look of a window box overflowing with flowers, and all the color it adds to the backyard.

I think my favorites are these pale purple ones with the intricate darker purple in the center:

Petunia Closeup

Meanwhile, over along the fence, the rose bush we inherited from the previous owners of the house is covered in its little reddish blooms:

Rose Bush Along Fence

This thing has actually gotten quite a bit bigger since we moved in two years ago — check out this post to see what it looked like in June 2011. We’ll probably want to trim it back as part of our ongoing yard makeover project, though based on some preliminary internet searches it seems like the recommendation is to trim them in winter, after the first frost? So it may wait.

Here’s a view of the blooms, which are small and grow in clusters, and are a deep pinkish red with yellow centers:

Roses Closeup

Despite some promising leads I’m still not sure exactly what kind of rose this is, so if there happen to be any gardening experts reading I would love to hear them weigh in!

Over by the corner of the garage, we have this cute little trellis setup, which is actually just a narrow strip of chain link fence that stretches from the ground to the roof of the garage:

Trellis Corner

I’m pretty sure the plant growing up the trellis is a¬†clematis,¬†which is yet another plant we inherited from the previous owners (along with the whole trellis setup). In previous summers its flowers have been a deep purple, though sadly I don’t think there are closeups anywhere on this blog of what it looks like in bloom. The closest is probably this post, where you can see it from a distance.

Anyway, it seems to be in good health climbing up the trellis, and gearing up to bloom any day now — here’s a closeup of one of the buds:

Clemantis Bud Closeup

And in front of the trellis are those zinnia plants, which you can read all about in this post. As I mentioned earlier they have yet to bloom, though they’re getting there! Here’s a closeup of what I’m pretty sure is a bud on one of the plants:

Zinnia Bud Closeup

And that’s all we’ve got bloom-wise this month. There’s nothing at all blooming in the front yard at the moment, so maybe we can try to plant some annuals or something out there… Not to mention catch up on weeding and the overall progress on our ugly backyard makeover project. So much to do!

Anyway, Happy Bloom Day — click here to head over to May Dreams Gardens and see what’s blooming in the gardens of garden bloggers everywhere. I hope everyone’s having a great weekend, and feel free to share in the comments about any gardening-related thing that comes to mind!


  1. Amazing how, from one single seed,something so incredible can unfold right before your eyes. Enjoy the changes and colors every day! Your yard is really coming alive!

    ps. The rose bush might be a Knockout Rose.

  2. The flowers are beautiful!! You’re doing really great with them. I love the roses. Thanks for sharing your pics with us! :) Love you all!

  3. Only 12 non-sprouts out of 72 seeds is pretty darn good, I have had some seed packets where less than half sprouted. And others where they sprouted, but then died after transplanting, even though I used the peat cubes to avoid root shock. Your shorter plants might be due to variety, or vagaries in sunlight filtering through trees, or age of the packet as you mentioned. And it looks like Mom is right, those are knockout roses, and this place recommends pruning right after the last frost in early Spring, rather than Fall. Everything is looking great, I don’t think you have a “brown thumb” at ALL!

    • Aw, thanks! Interestingly it seems like the plants evened out a lot height-wise over time, so maybe it was just a matter of some growing slightly faster than others. Thanks for the tip about pruning the rose bush in spring rather than fall, hopefully we can remember to actually do that next spring so we can have a slightly less unruly / overgrown bush next summer! :)

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