What’s Been Blooming Around The Yard? {Bloom Day, May 2013}

Over on one of my new favorite blogs, May Dreams Gardens, there’s a recurring feature that takes place on the 15th of every month called Garden Bloggers’ Bloom Day, where bloggers from around the world share photos of what’s been blooming in their gardens.

Even though I’m not exclusively a garden blogger, working on prettifying our ugly yard has been a major theme here on this blog lately (and also, have I mentioned that I’ve been bitten by the gardening bug? I don’t know what happened, but since the start of spring I’ve been completely obsessed!) So for today’s post, I thought it would be fun to join in the Bloom Day festivities with a tour of what’s been blooming around our yard.

First, in the front yard, those hyacinths we planted way back in the fall of 2011 came back again:

Peppermint Looking Hyacinch

I love how full this one shown in the above photo is. Just a big explosion of blossoms. And the deep pink color with white edges kind of reminds me of a peppermint.

We had another hyacinth in front, a purple one, but it’s not nearly as full looking:

Deep Blue Hyacinth

The hyacinth in the above photo is actually the same one that could be seen sprouting in the photos shown in this post, and was one of the first hints of green to pop up in our yard this spring.

At the same time we planted those hyacinths, we also planted a bunch of tulip bulbs, and last spring we had a great variety of tulips come in. There were pink ones, and orange ones, and purple ones, and fancy double tulips, and tulips with fringed edges. (You can see a bunch of them blooming in this post from last year.) But this spring, for some reason only the orange ones came back:

Orange Tulips In The Front Yard

I’m not sure why it happened this way, and it was a complete accident, though I guess it gives the impression that we planted all the same kind on purpose!

Moving around to the backyard, we had a bunch of bluebells come up:

Bluebells Growing Like Weeds

We didn’t plant these (they’re from the previous owner) and they just sprang up all over our yard like weeds, mixed in with the grass, to the point where some of them ended up getting mowed. (Boo.) Upon trying to look it up, these would seem to be Grape Hyacinths or Muscari (Wikipedia article here).

Here’s a closer view of one of the grape-like clusters of blossoms:

Bluebells Closeup

And finally, I figured I’d include a photo of one of those surprise double daffodils that came up in the backyard, even though I already mentioned them in a previous post:

Looks like a daffodil, but fuller and fluffier.

I think the double daffodil in the above photo is probably my favorite of all the blooms shown in this post.

And that concludes the tour of everything that’s been blooming in our yard so far this year! I know it’s not a very long list, and the gardening bug in my head is saying, “plant some more stuff so you can have even more blooms next spring!” Haha. It’s an obsession, I tell you.

What about you guys — anything interesting blooming in your yard and/or garden lately? Does anyone have any guesses as to why only the orange tulips came back? I’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas in the comments!


  1. Those are some beautiful flowers! I am especially enamored with the bluebells…they are adorable, and such a pretty color! The double daffodil is pretty amazing though. We mostly just have the generic stuff everyone else has growing around here (azaleas, wisteria, spiderwort, daylilies, etc.) but we did find something new. There’s a tree in the back yard that looked dead all winter, but actually turned green this spring (it is hollow at the top, and looks like it’s been hit by lightning or something). It turns out it’s a tulip tree!!!! Robert saw these green and orange flowers, and I did some bing-ing to find out what they were. I had never seen green flowers before! Here’s a link to a picture of what they look like. http://www.hiltonpond.org/images/TreeTulip01.jpg We are now in the process of clearing a space around that tree…I’m thinking it’s where we’ll set up an outdoor seating area! ^_^

    • Sarah, your flowers are beautiful! So proud of you for adding to the joy of your home!

      And Rachel, I’ve never seen those blooms before around here anywhere! They’re gorgeous! Hope you can get the dead top cleared away, and keep the tree going strong! That will be a cool spot for enjoying the outdoors!

    • Thank you both for the comments! The bluebells are a really nice bonus, and all of the blooms do add a nice little touch of joy to the yard — I can’t wait to add some more. And Rachel, your tulip tree sounds really lovely! I love the colors of the flowers in that photo you linked. Hopefully you guys can keep it going in spite of the lightning strike damage, and it sounds like the perfect backdrop for a little outdoor seating area! :)

  2. Ah yes…I’m also the proud recipient of inherited mystery bulbs from the previous owner…and even after 4 years, I’m still finding things I didn’t know about!

    • Haha, Scott — those inherited mystery bulbs are the best! I checked out your blog, and your garden is completely beautiful. Happy Bloom Day and thanks for dropping by! :)

  3. I am mostly growing edible plants this year, though an opal basil bush I got at Palafox Market has some lovely purple blooms. And I did get a “surprise” orange gladiolus rise among the greenbriar and dewberry thicket that tries to choke the pecan tree every year – I think I planted those in Spring of 1995, no idea why one suddenly came back this year. Now let’s see if I can take all these sprouting things and keep them going long enough to harvest more than a handful of strawberries and wax beans!

    I love the double daffodil too, keep up the blooming urge, your yard is looking gorgeous! And Rachel, I have never seen that color of tulip tree before either, but it seems it is the native version – I’d only seen the pinkish-purple ones, which appear to be a Chinese variety widely used here as ornamentals.

    • Thanks! We’re slowly but surely getting to a nicer-looking yard, I think. The purple opal basil blooms sound lovely, and what a nice surprise that the gladiolus came back so long after planting it! Good luck with getting a good harvest from all of those edible plants! :)

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