Replacing The Garage Window Boxes

When I last left off blogging about our backyard progress, we had just discovered a huge colony of ants living in one of the window boxes on the garage (read all about that here) and subsequently removed the window boxes because they were very old and rotten. We were left with this unsightly view, with discolored patches where the window boxes used to be:

Garage Without Window Boxes

Those spaces that had previously been covered by the window boxes were ten kinds of ugly — peeling paint, dirt, spider nests. The one on the right looked like it wasn’t even painted at all behind that flower box. So the first step was to give it a good hosing down, and then touch up those areas with some exterior paint. Here is the much-improved view after painting those problem spots as well as the existing brackets for holding the window boxes:

Garage After Some Touch-Up Paint

Looking better already! The new paint’s shade of white may have been a tiny bit off from what was already on the garage (we just picked up a random quart of white exterior paint) but once it dried any differences were barely noticeable.

For the new window boxes, we decided to go with these ready-made ones from Home Depot:

36-inch window box, available from Home Depot as seen here.

36-inch window box, available from Home Depot as seen here.

They’re roughly the same length as the old flower boxes were, but a little shorter and narrower, and with straight sides rather than the slanty front the old window boxes had.

Also, even though the old ones just had the dirt piled right inside the wood, we also decided to pick up a couple of plastic liners to hopefully protect the wood of these new ones a little better:

Window Box Liners

The budget breakdown for the two new wooden window boxes with liners went something like this:

  • 36-inch Wood Window Box x 2 @ $24.98 each = $49.96
  • 36-inch Black Plastic Window Box Liner x 2 @ $8.98 each = $17.96
  • Total: $67.92

Not too bad, I don’t think — I doubt we could have built anything this nice ourselves in any reasonable amount of time, or for significantly less money. Plus the instant gratification was nice. For “installing” them, we just plopped them down on the old brackets like so:

Empty Window Box

As the above photo shows, they’re a little narrower than the old window boxes were, and the brackets stick out an inch or two past the edge. I’m tempted to try to go back and trim them down with a hacksaw or something, though it’s a pretty minor thing and I haven’t done anything about it yet.

For now, they’re just plopped down there on the brackets. One of the two old window boxes (the non-ant-filled one) wasn’t attached either, and was fine just sitting there on the bracket for years — the only concern now might be that a certain toddler will yank them down and get hurt. For that reason, I think I’ll attempt to attach them more securely this weekend if possible.

Anyway, moving on, here’s a view of what the garage looks like now, with the new window boxes:

Garage With Wooden Window Boxes

The natural wood color is definitely a lot different than the painted red — but overall these sleek new window boxes are a huge improvement over the rotting, sagging things we had before. (Check out this post for a refresher on what it all looked like when we started — we’ve come a long way already!)

So that concludes Chapter Two in the garage window box saga. Stay tuned for the final installment, the fun one where we actually put flowers in these things, to be posted in the next few days!

In the meantime, I’m curious to hear any feedback on the new window boxes, especially regarding the color/finish. Do you think these “go” with the garage and its roof color and such, or do you think the painted red ones were a better fit? Any thoughts or opinions would be appreciated in the comments!


  1. Really nice! I think the slightly more narrow boxes are in better scale. As for color, depends on what else you’re going to have in the way of lawn furniture. If you got some wood chairs, etc. that might tie in with the wood tone of the boxes, if arranged in the same general area. The red was a really nice accent though. Main thing is that you will need to have some kind of finish applied to preserve the wood, unless they’re already coated. The wood will darken with exposure to the elements if not finished.

    Lillian will have so much fun watching things grow in the boxes. Did you get the email I sent with some gardening with children links? Here’s one link that I liked:

    Love You!

    • Thanks! I agree about the slightly narrower size of the new ones — the old ones seemed to be getting almost saggy-looking, and while some of that was due to the rotting wood, I don’t think the extra width helped matters any. And I’m not sure yet what kind of lawn furniture we might get — I’ve been thinking maybe some comfy adirondack-style chairs to relax in, and those could go either way on the color vs. natural wood question, so we’ll have to think about what would work best for the yard overall.

      Thanks for the links! I followed the Gardening with Kids pinboard on Pinterest, and love the idea of starting some quick-to-sprout seeds so they can see the results of their work soon after. So many fun ideas to try out gardening wise! Thanks for reading and love you too! :)

  2. I think they look great! It’s a definite improvement. I can’t wait to see them with flowers in them!! You have a really great eye for decorating, inside and out! :)

    • Aww, thanks! :) I’m not sure whether I have a great eye or not, but it seems like through trial and error our indoor and outdoor spaces are slowly coming along, hehe. There’ll be a post about the flowery addition to the window boxes coming to the blog very soon! :)

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