Flowers For The New Window Boxes

In the last installment of the garage window box saga, we had purchased two new 36-inch wooden window boxes from Home Depot to replace the old rotting ant-filled window boxes, and installed them using the same brackets the old ones had used. (For a refresher, check out this post for the pictures and details of where we left off.) So now that we had the new window boxes, it was time for the fun part: flowers!

Being the ultra-beginner-level gardener person that I am, and having never done window boxes before, I didn’t have a lot of ideas about what kind of brilliantly-designed flower arrangement to aim for — so we ended up just picking up this tray of multi-colored petunias from a small local garden shop:

Tray Of Petunias

We could have opted for all one color, but I really liked the amount of variety this one had. All that red and pink and purple and white just seemed so bright and happy. There were twelve individual little “cells” in the tray, so each of the window boxes would get six of those — I worried at first that this wouldn’t be enough, but as you’ll see later in this post, I think it turned out to be plenty!

Upon getting them home, we took out the plastic liners (which easily remove from the window boxes), and filled them up with potting soil, and then it was time to set to work planting all those flowers. This turned into something of a family activity, with all three of us out in the yard and Lillian fascinated by these new things:

Toddler Gardener

Or maybe she was just wondering how tasty all that dirt would be, haha.

Lillian wanted to sit in my lap during most of the planting process, and even helped a little by removing the little marker cards from each of the plants. Based on how happy she looks in this photo Joe captured of us, I think she was having a really good time:

Me And Lillian Gardening

(I, on the other hand, looked even more frumpy and hobo-like than usual. What can I say, it was the weekend.)

In terms of arranging the flowers, the only rhyme or reason that went into it was trying to make sure each of the window boxes got a variety of colors, and trying to spread them out instead of having all of the purple clumped at one end or some such. Here’s a view showing how the one on the side of the garage facing the house turned out:

Window Box With Flowers

And here’s the one on the other side of the garage:

Wooden Window Box With Flowers

The petunia plants seemed like just the right amount to fill up the window boxes, and hopefully as they grow over the course of the summer, they’ll get taller and fuller and maybe even start to produce that “cascade” effect over the sides. (Assuming I can keep them watered and otherwise avoid killing them. So far so good!)

And to wrap up this post, here’s an updated photo showing the garage with the newly flower-filled window boxes:

Garage With Flowers

I love the cuteness of having some flowers in those garage window boxes for the first time since moving in. And the above photo also shows how some of the weedy overgrowth is slowly disappearing from along the sides of the garage — I’m hoping to get that all cleared away and replaced with some garden areas before the end of summer, and some progress has actually happened on that since this photo was taken.

Speaking of progress — the back fence was installed this past weekend! Details and pics will be coming to a future post, but for now, here’s a teaser from Instagram of the fence in progress:

Fence Installation (Instagram)

(In case you missed it, the plan for the back fence can be found in this post!)

And in the meantime, does anyone have any tips or cautionary advice for caring for window box flowers in general or petunias in particular? The other day I found this video about how you have to remove the old shriveled petunia blooms in order to keep new ones coming, and then frantically ran outside and pinched off like fifty of them.


  1. Sarah, the petunias are lovely! The variety of colors really livens up the boxes. Lily seems to like them, too! Thanks for the petunia care video link. It’s important to keep them watered, as they suggest. I have two hanging baskets at the back with petunias that are doing well, but two in the front have had it! I forgot to water out front for a few days, and they are doomed! I don’t have much else out front that has to be watered, and just forgot. I water my patio plants every morning, though. Haven’t tried pinching, but will definitely do that! Thanks!

    • Thanks, I’m glad you like them! And I think Lillian likes them better for having so many colors too. Sorry to hear about your petunia plants from out front. I’m trying to remember to water these ones in the window boxes every evening, and so far they seem to be thriving even with skipping a day here or there, though I’ll probably need to get even better about it once it gets hotter and drier as we move into summer. Thanks for reading and commenting, and good luck with your remaining petunias! :)

  2. No experience with petunias, but most plants at nurseries are “pot bound”, as that usually forces them to bloom – but also dooms them to dying quickly after you buy them if you don’t transplant and give them more room when you get them home (guess how I know?)! Besides pinching dead blooms back, you also can make most plants “bulk out” by pinching or snipping off upright growth just above the lowest pair of healthy leaves. The boxes look lovely, and btw, so do you! Not “frumpy”, just comfy gardening garb!

    • That’s an interesting observation about the “pot bound” plants — I don’t have a lot of experience yet with buying plants from nurseries, but it makes sense about the roots and everything. And I’ll definitely have to give the tip about making them bulk out by removing the upright growth a try. And also, thanks for that last remark! I really like your attitude — from now on anytime I look like a disheveled mess, I’ll just say “it’s okay, I’m gardening today!” hehe :)

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