My First Kid-Made Mother’s Day Gift

Happy Mother’s Day, everyone! This was my second one since becoming a mom, and since Lillian was six months old the first time around, there weren’t any kid-made gifts. But this year, she’s a toddler going to an awesome daycare where they do all kinds of arts and crafts, and on Friday I was pleasantly surprised to receive this lovely mug:

Mother's Day Gift Mug

All the kids got to draw on one as a Mother’s Day gift, and this was Lillian’s delightfully scribbly design! I’m so excited about this first of what’s sure to be many kid-crafted gifts to treasure. (The mugs were apparently baked in some way and should stand up to normal hand-washing, though I don’t think I’ll ever risk putting it in the dishwasher.)

Mother’s Day was really great, though. Joe took it upon himself to take care of every possible chore, and I slept in until I couldn’t sleep anymore if I tried. Then I took my time enjoying a cup of coffee and getting showered and ready for the day, and then Lillian and I hung out for a while so Joe could get showered and ready — we went all the way around the block with her big bouncy ball in tow, and then ran to the store to pick up a few things. Lillian behaved like a perfect little angel on this brief shopping trip, and I can only suspect Joe must have whispered to her at some point earlier, “be extra good for Mommy today.”

Afterwards, we went up to my aunts’ house for a cookout with my family, though we ended up eating our burgers and hot dogs inside since it was a bit chilly. Lillian enjoyed a hot dog cut into tiny pieces, and had a good time running around their big carpeted house. We looked at some photos my uncle had taken of some of that flooding we got last month, and my mom snapped this photo of me and Lillian at one point:

Me and Lillian on Mother's Day

When we got home, Joe got Lillian bathed and put to bed, and took care of the laundry and other chores, while I worked outside in the yard for a few hours… which may sound like a back-breaking chore itself, but I’ve been bitten by the gardening bug in a pretty serious way lately and couldn’t have enjoyed it more. Sadly I ran out of daylight all too soon, though.

All in all I couldn’t imagine a more wonderful Mother’s Day, and plan to give Joe the same treatment on Father’s Day… a prospect that I am both looking forward to (because he’s the awesomest daddy ever and deserves it) and dreading (because ohmygod is it going to be a lot of work!)

I hope all the moms out there had a great Mother’s Day!


  1. It sounds like you all had a really great day, and I wholeheartedly agree! Joe is a really awesome dad. Of course, you are a really awesome mom, too. Lillian is a very blessed little girl to have such fine parents. Also, she is blessed to have two parents who show each other so much love and mutual respect. She will grow up seeing this and will model this type of relationship for herself. Marriage doesn’t have to be all about fighting and one person getting their way over another. I just feel like you show that to Lillian every day because you work as a team instead of trying to control one another. I think that is so wonderful and refreshing to see!

    What a cute coffee mug! Yep, that is just the beginning! Amy is 10 and still makes things for me. I’m looking forward to seeing all the neat things Lillian is going to make for you and Joe. I have a feeling that they are going to be really wonderful! :) Love you all!

    • It really was a great day! And you make a really good observation about the impact of love and mutual respect between parents. With all the strife and divorce in the world, I feel really lucky to have a happy marriage, and I think you’re right that seeing healthy relationships is beneficial for young children.

      It’s awesome that Amy still makes things for you, and it’s good to know that I can look forward to lots more of these kinds of treasures in the coming years! Thanks for reading and commenting, and lots of love to you all! :)

  2. Love the mug! Being a Mom is life’s greatest responsibility, and life’s greatest joy! Blessings on you!

    • Aww, thanks, and I think you’re completely right about the responsibility and joy of being a mom. Blessings on you as well! :)

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