Easter Eggs With Painters Tape Shapes

In the wake of my Easter Egg inspiration post, which had a whole bunch of creative and fun Easter Egg ideas that I’d found via Pinterest, I wanted to try out a couple of those interesting techniques! One that I found particularly intriguing was the concept of “blown out” eggs, where instead of hard-boiling the eggs, you hollow out the contents while they’re still raw.

So I tried it out using this tutorial from Our Best Bites, and I was actually surprised at how smoothly it went. I guess I always imagined that if you tried to stick a pin in an egg, the whole thing would just crack, but it was remarkably easy to make a small controlled hole in the shell. And in no time I had a dozen hollow egg shells:

Hollowed Eggs

So that was fun new technique number one! For number two, I cut out some shapes out of painters tape and stuck them on each of the eggs. Deciding on the shapes was fun, and I ended up using a variety of geometric shapes, as well as letters and numbers, and a smiley face. Here are the eggs with the painters tape:

Eggs With Tape

Then for coloring the eggs, I just used one of those typical store-bought egg coloring kits, where you dissolve a tablet in a cup of water or vinegar (I opted for the vinegar since that supposedly produces more vibrant colors).

One thing I learned from this exercise is that painters tape probably wasn’t designed to be submerged in a bath of vinegar for any length of time. I seemed to get better results with leaving them in for shorter periods, and the broader, wider shapes generally seemed to work out better than the thinner letters and numbers (and the smiley face fell off altogether). I also tried re-dipping a few of the eggs in different colors after removing the tape, with mixed results. Below is a view of all of the eggs after coloring:

Colored Eggs In Muffin Tray

Once they were dry, I tried using this tutorial to coat them in Mod Podge inside and out, which allegedly makes the hollow eggs super durable and almost like plastic. I think I did it wrong, though (in retrospect, my layer of Mod Podge was probably too thin to achieve that level of strength) or more likely, there’s no technique to make something that was once an egg shell survive contact with a toddler. Because yeah… Lillian tossed one at the kitchen floor and it just broke into a bunch of pieces.

But on the plus side, she seemed to enjoy the bright colors and shapes for the brief period of playing with them! And overall was a fun little project that I was glad to have been able to try out, especially since it was kind of a last-minute thing started the evening before Easter.

And that concludes the last of the belated Easter posts here on this blog (huzzah!) — stay tuned for some outdoorsy spring-themed posts to follow shortly!

Colored Deviled Eggs For Easter (With Bonus Deviled Egg Chick)

As promised in my Easter recap post, today I have a quick update about the colored deviled eggs I made for our Easter gathering this year.

Last year’s Deviled Easter Eggs were a typical deviled egg platter, except that the eggs were dyed with food coloring in five colors: pink, purple, blue, green, and orange. This time around I did everything the same recipe-wise, but used only two colors — yellow and pink — and also left some of the eggs white to balance out the experimental little “Easter Egg Chick” in the center. This was the end result:

Deviled Easter Eggs

To explain what the deal is with the little chick in the center, a little while back I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest and thought it was too cute — deviled eggs that look like little chicks! I considered trying to make an entire tray of them, but ended up deciding on the tried-and-true deviled egg platter with one of the deviled egg chicks in the center for decoration.

Making it just required cutting one of the eggs in half the short way instead of the long way like the rest, and to get it to stand upright, I sliced a thin (maybe quarter inch) piece off the bottom to make it flat. Then it was a matter of adding the filling, putting the top half of the egg back on, and adding a little beaky face. All in all I think it turned out okay, albeit a bit lumpier and more protruded from the egg compared to the inspiration photo. Here’s a closer view:

Deviled Easter Egg Chick

The eyes were peppercorns and the beak was a little triangular piece of carrot. Sadly, the little chick did not survive the journey to our Easter gathering, but rather tipped over in the car on the way there and turned into a bit of a mess. So I guess that’s a cautionary tale for anyone considering making some of these and then transporting them somewhere else by car!

Deviled Easter Eggs With Chick

One more belated Easter post will be coming to this blog (hopefully tomorrow!) and then I have a bunch of outdoorsy yard-and-garden-related stuff on the brain now that we’re headed into spring. So much to blog about, so little time!

Easter Egg Hunting

Hard to believe we’re heading into April already! I hope all you Easter-celebrating folks had a wonderful holiday this past weekend, and are not all Easter’d out already, because there are going to be a couple of belated Easter-themed posts coming down the pipeline on this blog. For today’s update, I wanted to share with you guys the story of Lillian’s first Easter Egg hunt.

We had our traditional family gathering at my aunts’ house, and they told us ahead of time that they were going to hide some eggs around the inside of the house so Lillian could go on a little Easter Egg hunt. Skipping ahead, here’s a quick glimpse of the colorful (traditional hard-boiled) eggs that awaited our curious toddler:

Colored Eggs In Basket

When we arrived, I could see the eggs “hidden” around in fairly conspicuous places within easy toddler view and reach — like under the edge of the coffee table, and on top of the shape-sorting puzzle in the toy bin they keep handy for when we come over. The fun was about to begin!

I was actually curious to see how Lillian would react if we didn’t call attention to the eggs, though. Would she seek them out on her own, or would she find other random things to be more interested in? Sort of like when you give the little ones a shiny colorful new toy and they’re more interested in playing with the box?

For the first minute or two nothing happened… and then she spotted the first egg. And then another. And with an egg in each hand she spotted a third one, and tried to figure out how to pick it up too, at which point we had to give her an Easter basket. They had one ready the perfect size to be carried around by a toddler — here’s a photo of her walking around with it (while modeling the lovely handmade dress sent by her great-grandma):

Lillian With Easter Basket

She was really excited about the eggs, and wanted to show them to everyone — but it seemed like she was also feeling a little shy being at a large (for us) family gathering. So she compromised by continually coming to sit in my lap and then holding the eggs out for other people to see.

Me And Lillian

My sister Laura was able to fly in from New York for the occasion, and there was a feast of ham and scalloped potatoes, and I tried out a slightly different variation on last year’s Deviled Easter Eggs (details on that to follow in the next post!) which got inhaled in the first fifteen minutes.

Food wise, Lillian wasn’t interested at all in the ham — in general she doesn’t seem to care for meat, and we have a hard time getting her to even nibble at it — but she loved the scalloped potatoes. And since there was no high chair, and it was just everyone sitting around with plates in the living room rather than a formal sit-down-at-the-table meal, Lillian had a lot of fun taking a bite of potatoes, and then running off, and then coming back for another bite, and then running off again, for the whole meal.

All in all it was a good day, full of quality family time and good food and plenty of toddler entertainment. Here’s one more random photo of Lillian with her Easter basket:

Lillian With Easter Basket

And now, just for fun, here’s a photo of Lillian from last Easter, when she was a much tinier and more roly-poly five-month-old:

Easter Last Year

What a difference a year makes!

Anyway, that’s the story of our Easter and Lillian’s first Easter Egg hunt — stay tuned for more belated Eastery goodness coming to this blog over the next few days. And in the meantime, how was your Easter? Any fun egg-hunting stories? Feel free to share in the comments!