Easter Egg Hunting

Hard to believe we’re heading into April already! I hope all you Easter-celebrating folks had a wonderful holiday this past weekend, and are not all Easter’d out already, because there are going to be a couple of belated Easter-themed posts coming down the pipeline on this blog. For today’s update, I wanted to share with you guys the story of Lillian’s first Easter Egg hunt.

We had our traditional family gathering at my aunts’ house, and they told us ahead of time that they were going to hide some eggs around the inside of the house so Lillian could go on a little Easter Egg hunt. Skipping ahead, here’s a quick glimpse of the colorful (traditional hard-boiled) eggs that awaited our curious toddler:

Colored Eggs In Basket

When we arrived, I could see the eggs “hidden” around in fairly conspicuous places within easy toddler view and reach — like under the edge of the coffee table, and on top of the shape-sorting puzzle in the toy bin they keep handy for when we come over. The fun was about to begin!

I was actually curious to see how Lillian would react if we didn’t call attention to the eggs, though. Would she seek them out on her own, or would she find other random things to be more interested in? Sort of like when you give the little ones a shiny colorful new toy and they’re more interested in playing with the box?

For the first minute or two nothing happened… and then she spotted the first egg. And then another. And with an egg in each hand she spotted a third one, and tried to figure out how to pick it up too, at which point we had to give her an Easter basket. They had one ready the perfect size to be carried around by a toddler — here’s a photo of her walking around with it (while modeling the lovely handmade dress sent by her great-grandma):

Lillian With Easter Basket

She was really excited about the eggs, and wanted to show them to everyone — but it seemed like she was also feeling a little shy being at a large (for us) family gathering. So she compromised by continually coming to sit in my lap and then holding the eggs out for other people to see.

Me And Lillian

My sister Laura was able to fly in from New York for the occasion, and there was a feast of ham and scalloped potatoes, and I tried out a slightly different variation on last year’s Deviled Easter Eggs (details on that to follow in the next post!) which got inhaled in the first fifteen minutes.

Food wise, Lillian wasn’t interested at all in the ham — in general she doesn’t seem to care for meat, and we have a hard time getting her to even nibble at it — but she loved the scalloped potatoes. And since there was no high chair, and it was just everyone sitting around with plates in the living room rather than a formal sit-down-at-the-table meal, Lillian had a lot of fun taking a bite of potatoes, and then running off, and then coming back for another bite, and then running off again, for the whole meal.

All in all it was a good day, full of quality family time and good food and plenty of toddler entertainment. Here’s one more random photo of Lillian with her Easter basket:

Lillian With Easter Basket

And now, just for fun, here’s a photo of Lillian from last Easter, when she was a much tinier and more roly-poly five-month-old:

Easter Last Year

What a difference a year makes!

Anyway, that’s the story of our Easter and Lillian’s first Easter Egg hunt — stay tuned for more belated Eastery goodness coming to this blog over the next few days. And in the meantime, how was your Easter? Any fun egg-hunting stories? Feel free to share in the comments!


  1. Everyone had such varied schedules, it was hard to have a normal get-together this year, but we managed to have most of the family at the same time. Dave and I hid a dozen candy-filled eggs at mom’s house, for Casey and the boys to hunt. It did not take them long! Then we all had ham, green beans, asparagus, potatoes (real mashed with skins),salad, rolls and deviled eggs. Yummy!

    • We’ve run into those kinds of scheduling issues too — it can be hard to get everyone together for the holidays sometimes. It sounds like you guys had a fun holiday with lots of tasty food though, and I bet the kiddos enjoyed those candy-filled eggs! :)

  2. Aww!! She is so precious, and that dress is so cute!! It is so awesome to watch their faces when they find their first Easter eggs! She looks like she had a blast!

    Easter here was good. We pretty much had a quiet day at home together. Easter really hasn’t been the same since my granny passed away. Easter was always about going to her house and having dinner and an Easter egg hunt for the kids. Amy ended up having two egg hunts which she enjoyed. Bill and I love being home together, so it was a good day.

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your day with us! Love to you all!”

    • I understand how losing a loved one can impact the holidays… I’m glad to hear you guys had a good day though, and two Easter Egg hunts sounds like double fun for Amy — I bet she enjoyed those! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  3. I love the way those little white shoes and perfect white tights set off Lillian’s little dress. Such a little lady! Hope you made some pictures of Lillian in the bonnet, too!

    Sounds like everyone had a wonderful Easter! Something to be thankful for!

    • Aw, thanks! I don’t think we got any pics with the bonnet unfortunately, but I’m sure there’ll be plenty of occasions throughout the rest of spring and summer to try again! Thanks for sending the lovely dress! :)

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