Early Springtime Buds And Blooms

Despite the tendency of our local retailers to behave as though summer starts in February, winter here in Chicago has a way of lingering on and on, long past the point where it’s welcome. But finally, over the past week or so, it’s been getting a little more noticeably spring-like around here. We’ve been getting a ton of rain (April showers!) and this past weekend was beautiful, making it up to almost 70 degrees on Saturday.

So even though we haven’t quite reached that critical mass of “everything is turning green” just yet, for today’s post I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the sprouts and even blooms that have started popping up around here.

It actually started almost three weeks ago, on March 22, when I spotted this first little green sprout poking out of the ground in front of our house:

First Spring Sprout

They were actually forecasting a bit of snow after that, which made me worry for the little sprout! But luckily the snow never materialized and the intrepid little sprout has continued to grow in the weeks since.

Then, on March 30, I was shocked to go out into our backyard and see these yellow flowers blooming:

Yellow Ground Flowers

From a distance I thought they were dandelions, which made it all the more surprising to get closer and see that they were some kind of yellow petal flower growing along the ground. (This is in the back yard, on the side of the garage facing the house.)

One of the challenges I ran into with our (somewhat neglected) yard last summer was that there were flowers from the previous owners mixed in with weeds and other unauthorized plant life, all just sort of tangled together. Just before winter, when everything was already dead, I didn’t feel as many qualms about indiscriminately raking it all up so we could start fresh the next spring — and all I can say is it’s nice to see that these yellow flowers were more resilient than the weeds!

And then more recently, on April 6th, I snapped this photo of these guys coming up in the backyard, right near the house (around the corner from the back door):

Spring Flowers Sprouting

I think they might be daffodils, but I’ll confess that I didn’t really notice these before — we didn’t plant them, and there’s always been such a mess of overgrowth back here that I think everything just sort of blended in. It’s nice to see them coming up, though, and we’ll have to work a bit harder to keep this part of the yard tidier this summer!

And just to bring things full circle, here’s an updated photo (snapped yesterday morning) of that teeny little sprout from that first photo. It’s shaping up to be a hyacinth, and from the looks of it, it’ll be blooming any day now:

Growing Hyacinth With Dark Stem

Sorry for the poor quality, these were all taken with my phone — I’ll have to do a follow-up post with some fancy-camera pictures once they finally bloom!

Anyway, that concludes the recap of the springtime growth spotted around our yard so far this year. To anyone reading, how’s spring coming along in your neck of the woods?


  1. I have strawberries and peavines blooming, so hoping to get some produce from them eventually. The scuppernong vines I dug up in Mississippi last fall have started growing new leaves; I am training them to climb the rusty front porch railing. Collected a Walmart bag full of loquats yesterday, as most were getting ripe and I didn’t want them wasted by the wind/rainstorm we are supposed to get tonight. Last week, that tree was full of some interesting birds, too, no idea what they were. They were sort of dull yellow breasted, blending to tan/brown on their sides, and olive green on their backs, with a black crest and “Egyptian eyeliner” marks. If I find a photo on the net, I’ll post it.

    • The strawberries and peavines sound really nice! It would be fun to try to grow some produce one of these days in a nice little backyard garden, although so far, it seems like we’ve been (just barely) keeping up with the basics, haha. And the Egyptian eyeliner bird sounds interesting too — I tried Googling around and found lots of pictures of creatively-applied eye makeup, and one picture of a crested pigeon, for whatever that’s worth. :)

  2. You’re like an explorer in the deep jungle, who comes across a rare orchid! Way back in 1956 when we moved to a small country town to work in the local hospital, we found a complete rose garden hidden in the sage grass next to our rental home! Like buried treasure! And what fun for Lillian to see what’s hidden there!

    • I like the explorer in the jungle analogy! It seems like a fitting one considering how overgrown things can get in our yard, haha. And stumbling upon an entire rose garden sounds like it would be an amazing find. Lillian’s already started to learn the joys of picking up rocks and pinecones, so it’ll be fun to see what happens once there’s flowers and greenery everywhere! :)

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