Colored Deviled Eggs For Easter (With Bonus Deviled Egg Chick)

As promised in my Easter recap post, today I have a quick update about the colored deviled eggs I made for our Easter gathering this year.

Last year’s Deviled Easter Eggs were a typical deviled egg platter, except that the eggs were dyed with food coloring in five colors: pink, purple, blue, green, and orange. This time around I did everything the same recipe-wise, but used only two colors — yellow and pink — and also left some of the eggs white to balance out the experimental little “Easter Egg Chick” in the center. This was the end result:

Deviled Easter Eggs

To explain what the deal is with the little chick in the center, a little while back I stumbled upon this image on Pinterest and thought it was too cute — deviled eggs that look like little chicks! I considered trying to make an entire tray of them, but ended up deciding on the tried-and-true deviled egg platter with one of the deviled egg chicks in the center for decoration.

Making it just required cutting one of the eggs in half the short way instead of the long way like the rest, and to get it to stand upright, I sliced a thin (maybe quarter inch) piece off the bottom to make it flat. Then it was a matter of adding the filling, putting the top half of the egg back on, and adding a little beaky face. All in all I think it turned out okay, albeit a bit lumpier and more protruded from the egg compared to the inspiration photo. Here’s a closer view:

Deviled Easter Egg Chick

The eyes were peppercorns and the beak was a little triangular piece of carrot. Sadly, the little chick did not survive the journey to our Easter gathering, but rather tipped over in the car on the way there and turned into a bit of a mess. So I guess that’s a cautionary tale for anyone considering making some of these and then transporting them somewhere else by car!

Deviled Easter Eggs With Chick

One more belated Easter post will be coming to this blog (hopefully tomorrow!) and then I have a bunch of outdoorsy yard-and-garden-related stuff on the brain now that we’re headed into spring. So much to blog about, so little time!


  1. I love your little chick! I saw that picture on Pinterest, too, and was impressed, but didn’t try it! Just plain deviled eggs here — two plates of them so we wouldn’t be interrupted while eating to pass the plate back and forth!

    Your Easter Plate of eggs is lovely!

    • Thanks! I think that original deviled egg chick picture went a bit viral on Pinterest, but with it being such a cute and clever idea it’s not hard to see why. I had lots of fun with it, though as fast as these seem to get eaten at our gatherings, I might want to consider following your example and making two plates for next time, hehe. Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Keep in mind that food pix in magazines frequently have been rendered inedible in order to make the photo, like sprayed with plastic or something. To survive a car ride, perhaps try putting them in the freezer for an hour before the trip?

    • That’s a good point — I’ve heard about some of those tricks the food photographers use, so it’s probably good to remember that if a food photo looks too pretty and perfect, the food just might be full of pins and glue, haha. The freezer seems like a good idea though — I’ll have to give it a shot if we try this again next year! Thanks for the comment and suggestion! :)

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