Bye Bye, Weed Trees

In the wake of last week’s post showing an in-depth look at the sorry state of our backyard, I’m happy to report on some progress made on one of the things we wanted to tackle back there — namely, these scraggly “weed trees” growing along the back fence:

Back Fence And Alley

Due to the way they were just sort of growing out of control there, and had a distinctly weedy and overgrown look even under the best of circumstances, we knew we wanted to get rid of them.┬áHere’s a closer view showing the three separate trunks sprouting up from the mess of bricks and cinderblocks back there:

Weedy Tree Closeup

This is the part where a good home and garden blogger would talk about their experiences and tips for chopping down scraggly little weed trees, but we actually didn’t tackle these trees ourselves — our next-door neighbor volunteered to remove them, both as a sweet neighborly gesture and to use the wood in his wood-burning stove. It was a win-win arrangement, and after giving the go-ahead, we weren’t even there when he came back to chop them down and help himself to the wood.

It was like a magic trick: now you see ’em, now you don’t. Here’s what the back fence looks like with those scraggly weed trees gone:

Backyard Without Weed Tree

Much better, right? And since these photos were taken over a week ago, things have started to green up quite a bit more in our backyard, especially in the aftermath of all that rain we got.

There’s still obviously a lot on the to-do list, like upgrading the fence and dealing with those random bricks and blocks, but it feels good to see progress happening back here. And now that we’re heading in to another weekend, we’ll see if we can keep the progress moving steadily along — stay tuned for the next exciting installment of the backyard saga!

In the meantime, have you ever had a neighbor volunteer to chop down unwanted trees in order to claim the wood? Alternatively, if you’ve chopped down any little trees yourself lately, feel free to share any stories or tips!


  1. Wow! That looks great! It was really cool of your neighbor to do that, even if it was just to get the wood, but whatever takes to get the job done, right? ;) We have had a neighbor offer to mow around some bushes that were technically his but are partly in our yard. He did end up actually mowing some of our yard, too, which was nice. I think he was just worried that we might damage his bushes if we mowed around them, but that’s cool. It was a win-win for us, too. ;)

    • Yes, we were really pleased with how everything turned out regardless of the motivation! And that sounds like a nice situation with the neighbors mowing a part of your lawn out of a desire to protect their bushes — definitely win-win! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

  2. Yes, it looks really tidy now! And what great neighbors! I have only one close neighbor, across the street, but they’re so nice. He’s cut my grass before, and always blows the leaves off my side as well as his. We look out for each other. The tree cutting I’ve done though, required heavy equipment! Sure a good feeling to get any area tidied up! Yours looks great!

    • Thanks! It’s definitely much tidier now, and it’s always a good feeling to see things looking nicer than they used to! It sounds like you have a really nice neighbor across the street, and it’s great that you guys look out for each other. Although I think I’d be in over my head with any kind of tree removal that required heavy equipment! Thanks for reading and commenting! :)

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