Big Bouncy Ball, And Other 18-Month Adventures

Lillian turned 18 months old yesterday — it’s so hard to believe she’s getting closer to two than to one! So for today’s post, I thought it would be nice to share some of what we’ve been up to lately, starting with the fun we’ve been having outdoors since it’s (finally) started getting warmer around here.

Toddler With Bouncy Ball

We picked up this gigantic pink bouncy ball from Wal-Mart for $3.00, and Lillian was in heaven. Look at the size of that thing — almost as big as she is! She mostly ran around while holding it, and occasionally set it down to test out its springiness.

Toddler With Giant Pink Bouncy Ball

We’ve been having lots of fun outside. Lillian loves just independently running down the sidewalk, as far as we’ll let her go — with us following closely behind, of course. She’s gone almost entirely around the block without being picked up or getting tired, and is endlessly fascinated by the random little things she finds on the ground. Pebbles, twigs, flower buds, pinecones. One time she picked up a piece of bark and sweetly handed it to me, and any time I “accidentally” dropped it, she’d make sure to pick it up and hand it to me again!

Looking at something interesting out in the big, big world.

Looking at something interesting out in the big, big world.

Sometimes when we’re outside and we see one of the neighbors’ dogs, she’ll make woofing noises at them, which is really cute, and she gets all excited at the sight of birds and squirrels. She points at everything these days, and sometimes says “what” or “whatsat” while pointing out something particularly interesting, leading us to say all kinds of new words that I’m sure she’s soaking up like a sponge, even if she doesn’t repeat them right away.

Speaking of going places, we’ve finally reached that wonderful stage where we can go to a restaurant and order Lillian a meal from the kid’s menu rather than lugging along bottles and/or baby food. I suppose we’ve technically been at this stage for a while, since she’s been eating real adult foods for months now, but we don’t eat out very much and it feels like a somewhat recent revelation.

Sitting at the table with a sippy cup at a local family restaurant.

Sitting at the table with a sippy cup at a local family restaurant.

Taking her out to restaurants has been a complete pleasure so far — she’ll sit at the table for the entire meal without getting too fussy, and eat her food and drink her milk and exercise her superpowered utensil-using abilities. (Even when we order finger foods, like a side of french fries, she’ll try to eat them with a fork.)

Not that everything is completely perfect 100% of the time — we’ve weathered the occasional toddler tantrum, like that memorable incident where we wouldn’t let Lillian run freely through the Ikea warehouse like it was the world’s biggest indoor playground. But in general this phase of toddlerhood has been smooth sailing and loads of fun — it’ll be interesting to see how things progress over the coming months!

And that’s the latest update on our adventures in Toddler-Land so far. Check back tomorrow for an update on the progress we’ve been making on the backyard!


  1. Wow!! She’s getting so big!! I must say that you have been so blessed to have such an easygoing baby and a very intelligent one at that. I know that her grandpa is just dying to play with her. ;) Amy is, too, and so am I!! Love to you all!! Can’t wait to see you all again!

    • Aww, thanks! We definitely do feel very blessed in so many ways. Hugs and kisses to everyone and looking forward to seeing all of you again as well! :)

  2. A ball almost as big as she is? I see a replacement for the photo bunny! I love how you are letting her explore and be confident, while keeping her safe. Too many parents these days don’t want the work of that happy medium, either throwing their kids outside with no supervision, or swaddling them indoors because “out there is dangerous”. It can be, of course, but it is also beautiful and exciting and FUN! Lucky little girl to have you as parents.

    • Hehe, that’s an interesting idea about a replacement for the photo bunny — it’d be fun to snap another photo of her with the ball a year or two down the road, assuming it doesn’t get deflated or something before then. And you make good points about finding that happy medium between safety and independence — it’s an interesting subject that seems to come up a lot on the parenting blogs, and I hope we can find a nice balance in that area as Lillian gets older. Thanks for the kind words, and for reading and commenting! :)

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