Easter Egg Inspiration: 10 Fun And Creative Egg Decorating Ideas

With Easter less than a day away, I thought it would be fun to do a fun little Easter Egg themed post! There have been so many cute, creative, and non-traditional Easter Egg decorating ideas popping up on Pinterest, and I wanted to share a few that I’ve stumbled across over the past couple weeks. So if anyone’s looking for some last (last) minute Easter Egg inspiration, you’re in luck! Here are ten of my favorites:

10 Fun And Creative Easter Egg Ideas

The collage above shows an overview of these ten creative egg decorating ideas — they’re all rather different-looking, right? I seem to recall that the ones we did when I was growing up were just simple solid colors.

But anyway, since the above is kind of just a big teaser, I figured I’d go down the list of thumbnails one by one and talk about each egg decorating idea in more detail, with links to where you can find more information:

Easter Eggs With Hearts (Masking Tape)#1 – Heart Shapes

This is a really cute idea, and simple enough to pull off — you just cut out masking tape in the shape of a heart, and then stick it on the egg before dying it with a standard egg coloring kit. Afterward, pull off the tape, and voila – a little white heart shape remains on the colored egg! I think it would be fun to try this with other shapes too, or maybe letters or numbers. Check out this post on the blog The Sweetest Occasion for a full tutorial on how to make these!

Easter Eggs With Striped Pattern (Rubber Bands)#2 – Rubber Band Stripes

Similar to the masking tape, these eggs achieved a nifty striped effect by wrapping rubber bands around them before dyeing them the traditional way, which leaves the area covered by the rubber band white while the rest of the egg gets colored. I like how using different widths and wrapping them at different angles creates a whimsical and non-traditional pattern for the eggs. This article on Style At Home has more details on how to make these.

Easter Eggs With Scrapbooking Flowers#3 – Scrapbooking Flower Eggs

When I first saw this photo on Pinterest, I assumed the eggs were traditional hard-boiled eggs with the flowers glued on for decoration, but interestingly they use a technique to blow out the whites and yolks so as to “make these pastel beauties last for years.” The eggs are colored normally, then the flowers added with tiny dots of glue — for step-by-step instructions on making these, check out this article on Country Living.

Black & White Sharpie Easter Eggs#4 – Black & White Sharpie Eggs

Forget the colors — just get out a sharpie marker and doodle some shapes and patterns on those eggs! I’ve seen a number of variations of this concept floating around on Pinterest, and it seems like it always produces a really dramatic and modern-looking effect. Though it probably requires a little more forethought for coming up with the designs, and some level of competence with using a marker! For more info and pics, check out this post on the blog Obviously Sweet.

Quail Eggs Dyed For Easter#5 – Quail Eggs

I’ll confess — before I stumbled upon this image, I had no idea that quail eggs were even a thing you could buy, but according to this article they’re often found in Asian markets. Anyway, these cute little speckled Easter Eggs are only about a quarter of the size of traditional chicken eggs, and the speckled pattern is a natural part of the quail egg, so all you have to do is dye them the traditional way to produce this adorable and charming end result! For more info, check out this post by Brett Bara.

Eggs With Neon Dot Stickers#6 – Neon Dot Stickers

This next idea is completely mess-free, since it doesn’t require any kind of dye, paint, markers, or glue. Instead, you just get some brightly-colored dot sticker labels from an office supply store (I was able to find these, though they’re not quite the same color as the ones shown in the photo) and then arrange them on the uncolored eggs in any pattern or arrangement you like — this example does cute little flower-like clusters. The idea comes from this article on Better Homes and Gardens.

Tissue Paper Easter Eggs#7 – Tissue Paper Eggs

This technique actually gets tissue paper to “bleed” its color onto the eggs (apparently not all tissue paper will work for this, so it needs to be a specific kind). You just get the eggs wet, cover them in little squares of tissue paper, and then leave them wrapped in wet paper towels for a little while. When you unwrap them and remove all the tissue paper, the colors are left behind in whatever shapes the tissue paper was cut in! For more details, check out this post on the blog Connecting Family and Seoul.

natural-easter-egg-dyes#8 – Natural Egg Dyes

I was really intrigued when I first saw this technique — instead of using artificial colors, you actually color the eggs using ordinary foods. Beets make pink, spinach makes green, blueberries make blue, etc. There are a number of variations on the technique floating around Pinterest, and the end result always has a distinctively muted, less saturated look than what you get with traditional store-bought egg-coloring kits. For more information, and recipes on how to get all the different colors, check out this post on the blog Happy Hour Mom.

Temporary Tattoos On Easter Eggs#9 – Temporary Tattoos!

I had no idea you could just stick temporary tattoos on eggs, but apparently it works! And it opens up all kinds of possibilities for getting very intricate designs and patterns onto your Easter Eggs with very little effort, especially since I’ve just learned there’s such a thing as temporary tattoo paper that allows you print out anything you want (using a standard printer) and turn it into tattoos. Neat, right? For more info, check out this article on Country Living.

Camouflage Easter Egg#10 – Camouflage Egg

This last one doesn’t have a guide or blog post to go along with it (at least not that I know of) — I just saw it pop up on Reddit with the caption, “Grandpa takes his Easter egg hunts seriously.” I thought it was an amusing and mischievous idea, to paint Easter Eggs in a camouflage pattern for an outdoor Easter Egg hunt! Good strategy for making it extra challenging for the kids, right?

And that’s the end of the list! Last year, we didn’t do much in the way of egg-coloring — I made those fun and tasty Deviled Easter Eggs, and dipped an egg or two in the colored water as an afterthought, but that was about it. So this year it would be really fun to try out something a little more special, and even though I’m posting this at the last minute, there’s still the rest of today to mess around with coloring eggs and still be ready in time for Easter!

What do you guys think? Do you have a favorite from the above list, or know of another especially creative egg decorating idea that I missed? And if you typically decorate Easter Eggs, do you have a favorite technique you always use, or are you trying out something new this year? Feel free to share in the comments!


  1. Two thoughts: First, sharpies come in many colors, so you could get extra fancy with those. Make sure the eggs are absolutely dry though, or even sharpies will smudge. Secondly, a lot of “backyard farmers” are raising quail these days, as they are considered “game birds”, and often are not regulated like chickens or other larger farm animals. So check the livestock section of your local Craigslist, there’s probably a breeder closer than you think! And a nifty use for quail eggs (though not after you color them, unless you use a cold water method) is home-made egg muffins. Take flaky biscuit dough, stretch each biscuit thin to fit into a muffin pan as a sort of pie crust, then break a quail egg in (just the right size), sprinkle with grated cheddar or romano cheese and bacon bits and bake at 400F about 20 minutes. Good hot or cold!

    • That’s definitely true about the colored Sharpies, and I saw someone post some really nifty-looking ones done with a metallic marker as well, so it’s a good reminder that they don’t necessarily have to be black and white with that technique. And those quail egg biscuits sound really interesting — we might have to try that one of these days if we’re feeling adventurous! Thanks for the comment! :)

  2. Pick one? I like #3, 5, 7, and 8! I can’t wait to see what you did for Easter! I hope you made the colored deviled eggs again. They are so pretty!

    • It really is hard to pick a favorite, isn’t it? The scrapbooking flowers, quail eggs, tissue paper, and natural dyes are good ones though! Thanks about the deviled eggs, I have a lot of blogging to catch up on in the wake of Easter! :)

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