Toddler Art, Valentine’s Day Edition

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone! In honor of this fluffy heart-filled holiday, I want to share a quick post about what Lillian has been up to in art class lately.

Last week, toward the end of a work day, I was pleasantly surprised to look at my phone and find this picture from Lillian’s daycare. It shows her in the midst of a Valentine’s Day craft project, complete with some washable purple marker on her chinny-chin-chin:

Toddler Coloring Valentine

From what I can gather, the activity was more geared toward the older kids, but I’m told that Lillian went over to the table and sat down in a chair all on her own to join in. She picked out two different markers to color with — it looks like a purple one and a thinner lighter blue one — and sat like a big kid for the full duration of the activity, diligently scribbling away on her cut-out paper heart.

Later that day I got to see the masterpiece in person when I picked her up. The hearts had all been punched with holes and were hanging from the ceiling, so I asked to see the one Lillian made, and snapped this photo of it with one hand while holding an excitedly-chattering Lillian in the other. Just look at these lovely scribbles!

Toddler's Valentine Heart

I have to admit, I had one of those emotional “she’s growing up” moments at this whole thing. Two seconds ago she was a tiny helpless little baby, and now she’s sitting in art class coloring with markers.┬áTime is just going by too fast!


  1. Awesome!!! There’s another artist in the family! She’s got talented artists on both sides to show her the ropes. Amy is really excited to see Lillian already intetested in art. Did you get that book I sent you about crafts you can work on with her? It won’t be long now!!! Love you all and Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

    • That’s true, she’ll have no shortage of artistic influences in the family, that’s for sure! We did get the book, though haven’t had time to do much with it unfortunately — should be good to dive into as she takes more interest in these kinds of things though! Thanks for the comment, and lots of love to everyone down there in Florida!

  2. Bright AND artistically inclined! Sounds like you have a good daycare, too – so glad they let Lillian join in the “big kid activities”!

    • The daycare really is great! I guess that’s one of the advantages of a smaller place, too, that Lillian gets more exposure to kids of different ages. :)

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