Mastering the Shape-Sorting Puzzle

Here’s a quick little story you guys might find amusing. This past weekend, we were over at my aunts’ house, and they have some toys there for when Lillian comes over. One of them is this Fisher-Price “Baby’s First Blocks” set — a plastic bin with five geometric holes in the lid, and ten blocks matching the shapes of the holes. (You can see the same one on here.)

So I sat down with Lillian, poured the blocks out, and started showing her how the different shapes fit in the different holes. One by one I would pick up a block, and try to put it in each of the holes until I got to the right one and it fit in. Lillian sat quietly and watched as I repeated the process for sorting all ten blocks. Afterwards, I poured the blocks back out and said, “Okay Lillian, do you want to try it now?”

Lillian picked up one of the plus-shaped blocks. She started to move it toward one of the holes. Then, perhaps wondering how I could’ve failed to see the easiest and most efficient way to get this done, she popped the lid off and tossed the block in. And then the other nine blocks. And then she put the lid back on as crookedly as you’d expect a 15-month-old to do.

I couldn’t help laughing. That’s one way to win at the shape sorting game!

Toddler Block Sorting Puzzle