Nursery Furniture Upgrade: A Tiny Table for a Tiny Tot

In the last update about the nursery, I mentioned the metal side table in there and how we wanted to upgrade it to something a little less cold and clangy — and for today’s blog post, I’m happy to finally be able to share about the replacement! It’s an entirely different kind of table, and I think it’s a perfect fit for Lillian and the room in general. Here’s a quick peek at how the room looks with the new furniture addition:

Room With Toddler Table

As you can see from the photo above, it isn’t a side table at all, but rather a little white play table with four colorful chairs. (Only three made it into the picture above, but the fourth one is blue as you’ll see further down this post.) It was actually a gift to Lillian for her first birthday, sent by her Great Grandmama all the way down in Florida!

Lillian’s birthday was in October, but it admittedly took us a while to unpack and assemble the little table. When we finally got around to it a few weeks ago, Lillian even helped with putting it together! Though the helping mostly consisted of playing with the chair pieces that looked like a bunch of colorful blocks:

Toddler Assembling Furniture

In case anyone is wondering, the table is the Tot Tutors Bright Colors Table and Chairs Set, which you can see on the Toys R Us website here. As far as I know it’s one of the smallest tables of this variety, with the manufacturer’s recommended age listed as “birth – 6 years” — and the chairs are just about the perfect size for our newly toddling one year old. Here she is testing one of the chairs out right after assembling it:

Toddler Sitting In Chair

I think the colors of the chairs fit in really nicely with the pale green color scheme we’ve got going in the room, especially since it seems like many of the little toddler play table sets come painted in darker primary colors. These ones aren’t super bold, and yet they aren’t pale and subdued enough to call pastel either — they’re just light and bright and cheerful:

Toddler Table With Chairs

Lillian’s favorite thing to do with this table is move the chairs around. They slide super easily on our hardwood floors, and she has no problem pushing them all over the room:

Toddler Moving Chairs

And as for using it for its intended purpose — sitting in the chairs and interacting with something on the surface of the table? This may be a bit much to ask of the attention span at Lillian’s age, and so far she hasn’t spent more than one consecutive minute playing at the table before getting up to start moving the chairs around again. But here’s one photo I managed to capture of her playing with some colorful stacking toys while making her “I’m concentrating” face:

Toddler Concentrating On Puzzle

But there’ll be plenty of time for proper table activities as she gets older, and it’s wonderful that she has a little space for drawing and coloring, playing with Play-Doh, arts and crafts, and all sorts of other things as she gets older.

So that’s the scoop on the newest furniture addition to the nursery! Definitely a huge improvement over that (poorly chosen in retrospect) metal table we started out with in there. And speaking of the nursery, there are a number of other updates I’ve been meaning to post about that room involving art, window treatments, lighting, and storage — a lot has changed in there lately and I can’t wait to share about it on this blog. Stay tuned!


  1. That is an adorable table and just absolutely perfect for Lillian. I agree that it fits in very nicely with the color in the room. Good job, Great-Grandmama!! I have to say that I absolutely LOVE the outfit Lillian is wearing. She is already glamorous! I’m looking forward to seeing more pics of Lillian’s room. Love you all!!

    • Hehe, the outfit was actually a birthday gift too as it happens! I’m hoping to post some more updates very soon — Thanks for dropping by and lots of love to everyone down in Florida! :)

  2. Love the “I’m concentrating” look! She’s such a smart cookie! And I am not biased at all, LOL Looking forward to future posts.

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