Simple Nursery Art: A Collage Of Baby Shower Gift Cards

Aside from the silhouette mural we painted before she was born, the rest of the walls in Lillian’s nursery have stayed pretty much bare, and even now they could still use some livening up. But we did manage to pull off one simple little art project so far, and that’s the subject of today’s post:

Nursery Baby Shower Card Collage

It’s a simple white frame with a collage of the cards Lillian received before she was born. The idea was originally inspired by the one in the center with the yellow elephant, which seemed like such a perfect fit with the overall theme and colors of the room that we had to figure out some way to work it in with the decorating instead of having it sit in a drawer forgotten and/or lost forever.

The frame was found at Michael’s for $19, and making the collage was a breeze — I just spread out the cards on the board from the back of the frame and moved them around until I found an arrangement that seemed to look nice. Then, a little bit of green painter’s tape on the backs of the cards held them securely in place.

Baby Card Collage

Once it was all in the frame, I hung it on the wall to the left of the changing table. Originally I felt like it would be one of those boring, subdued, blends-in-with-the-background type decorations, but I’ve actually been surprised at how much Lillian has enjoyed it over the past few months since hanging it up — when carrying her over to the changing table, she’ll get all excited and start pointing at all the little ducks and the pink button and the various other shapes. So that’s an added bonus!

Baby Nursery Art

And that’s the story of what happened to our baby shower cards! It makes me happy that they got turned into a simple, inexpensive, sweetly meaningful little art piece that the baby herself seems very fond of. And as soon as it was hanging on the wall, it was a relief that the walls in the room weren’t completely bare anymore.

But speaking of which — I’ve been trying to figure out what to do with the space above the changing table (aka the wall to the right of the collage frame in the photo above) since it’s still completely empty. Some potential ideas include:

  • Spelling out “Lillian” in colorful letters, or an alphabet arrangement
  • An arrangement of colorful paper butterfly cutouts (which would tie in with the mobile)
  • A small decorative shelf with some colorful toys or books on top
  • Some more white frames with various other pictures / prints / collages inside

Do you have a favorite when it comes to any of these, or perhaps another idea entirely? I would love to hear any thoughts or ideas in the comments!

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  1. How adorable, and lovely! That’s what I’ve been wanting to do with all my old birthday cards and whatnot I’ve gotten over the years (although I would like to find a frame with glass/plastic on both sides, so the cards could be opened and readable). It could be the start of a great tradition for you, Joe, and Lillian too; saving her birthday cards/Christmas cards and putting them in collages together! I like your butterfly idea, as well as putting Lillian’s name up; that way she can start learning the letters in her name! ^_^ Not sure I would put a shelf there; but of course, I don’t know how wiggly and curious she is while on the changing table. I would worry about her pulling things down is all. You guys seem to have a much calmer baby than I think I will ever have, lol! :P

    Your house is really coming along beautifully Sarah! I love these updates you do; I can’t wait to see the house in real life!!!! ^_^

    • I love the idea of a frame where you could still open and close the cards, and it would be neat to do one for a birthday or Christmas with a new assortment each year. You’re right that a shelf might be a bit of an issue depending on whether she could reach it — we try to keep her laying down whenever she’s up on the changing table, but sometimes she does get pretty wiggly. So the shelf probably isn’t the best option unless we can put it up high enough to be completely out of reach.

      It would be awesome if you all could make a trip up here sometime! Though be warned that our house probably looks about 1000 times nicer and less chaotic in the pictures than it does in real life, haha! :) Thanks for reading!

  2. I love the shower card collage idea! It looks great! Are you still planning to keep Lillian’s room in the jungle theme? I’ve seen some really neat jungle-themed things at an antique store here that may look good in there. I like the idea of putting Lillian’s name on the wall. I think that would look really nice. I, too, can’t wait to see your home in real life. Love you all!

    And to Rachel, I think that both your mom and dad are kind of hoping that at least one of your babies is just a bit of a handful, although I can’t imagine why they would want that to happen! LOL ;) Do you? Love you, too!! :)

    • Overall the nursery seems to be going in a “jungle theme with random abstract touches” kind of direction, if that makes any sense — so some jungle or safari or general wildlife themed artwork or graphic prints on that wall might be really nice to balance everything out. And now I’m curious, what kind of nifty jungle-themed things have you seen in the antique store? We could use all the ideas we can get! Thanks for reading and lots of love to everyone down there in Florida! :)

    • No Julie, I have NO IDEA why they would wish that upon me! They must just be terrible people. *snickers uncontrollably* I couldn’t even type that with a straight face…yes, I do know. And I deserve it, lol. :P

  3. Why not incorporate both the name and the butterfly idea into one large art piece — butterfly sitting on a letter / dotting the ‘i’ / etc?

    Or you could try to convince someone to paint something extravagant ;)

    • That’s a neat idea about combining the name with the butterflies! And, haha, thanks again for painting that awesome mural — if I can think of some specific extravagant thing for this wall, I may be tempted to try to bribe you into painting it! Thanks for dropping by! :)

    • That is a fantastic idea Laura. I especially like the butterfly dotting the i part of it. :) I’m wondering how much convincing Sarah would actually have to do though, lol…probably not too much, right?! :D

      And Sarah, yes, we WILL all come up and see you guys…just not sure when. We are working on it though!!! ^_^ Love y’all!!!

  4. All great ideas! And I love the collage. A tall,skinny painting above the right end of the changing table would look good, too, I think. How about some jungle greenery with a variety of birds and butterflies, and jungle animals peeping out? Laura?

    • A painting with jungle greenery and animals could be nice! I’ve seen some neat arrangements involving multiple prints with different animals (like an elephant, a giraffe, a zebra, etc.) all done in the same style, so maybe it could even be a series of three or four tall skinny themed paintings on that wall. There are so many possibilities to consider — thanks for reading and for the suggestions! :)

  5. Not sure what happened, as I thought I posted this the other night, but you could do the shelf high enough that neither you nor Lillian would bonk your head on it, but paint graphics on the underneath of it, to entertain her while she’s being changed.

    • That’s an idea, a higher-up shelf with some painted designs beneath it might be a good way to get “the look” without the problem of having things within reach! And thanks for taking the time to re-submit your comment — I don’t seem to see anything amiss right now, but I’ve had at least one occasion on this blog where someone’s legitimate comments ended up getting eaten by the spam filter, so I should probably try to keep a closer eye on that thing…

  6. I think a bookshelf with a little sitting area (small beanbag or something like that) would be really cute and she can grow with it.

    I love the idea of her name or monogram on the walls.

    • Hi Tish, thanks for weighing in! I love the beanbag idea, if only there were some floorspace left in there — although maybe once she’s old enough that we don’t use the rocking chair anymore we can replace it with a cute little beanbag sitting area. :) The name / letters idea seems to be getting a lot of votes — we’ll have to see what we can come up with!

    • Thanks, Jessi! Your blog is always full of such clever crafty ideas, and it’s really great to be featured there! Thanks for dropping by!

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