14 Month Milestone: Walking!

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When we were down in Florida over the holidays, Lillian was doing a lot of walking, always while holding onto either our hands or some solid stable object. In general she seemed to be steady enough on her feet, but just didn’t want to let go and walk on her own. But in just the past week or so, there’s been a lot of big exciting developments in the walking department!

It started with standing longer and longer without holding onto anything, and then a few tentative steps here and there. The first few days, we were too preoccupied with cheering her on to capture any photos or video, but early last week our childcare provider managed to capture this low-resolution camera video of some of Lillian’s early shaky steps:

It was kind of a funny story — she had no idea Lillian was starting to walk without holding onto things, and then looks up one day to see her standing there in the kitchen doorway. I can only imagine that it must have come as a bit of a shock!

Here’s another video I took in our living room this past weekend (ignore the toys and stuff scattered everywhere in the background, since sadly this is actually the “tidied up” version of our living room):

From a few shaky steps to toddling all the way across the living room — I can’t help feeling amazed at how much more adept and confident she’s gotten over the span of one short week. Way to go Lillian, and welcome to toddlerhood!

Shaky Toddler Steps


  1. I got all emotional watching those videos!! I can’t believe how big she’s gotten, so quickly!! She is so adorable, and precious, and SMART!!!! ^_^ Already with a catchphrase too!

    • It really is hard not to get emotional at these kinds of milestones — they grow up way too fast! And I love that she has a catchphrase :D

  2. Woohoo! Now the real fun begins, as she’ll soon be “testing” how far away from you you’ll let her get! Such a sweetie, though.

    • Oh man, I hope we have the energy to keep up with her running away everywhere soon! Although I guess it’ll be really good exercise, haha :)

    • Hehe, Grendel is already learning to steer clear — and Lillian is getting better at chasing her every day! I worry about that poor kitty sometimes!

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