Simple Personalized Christmas Stockings

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been busy decorating the tree, hanging stockings, stringing up lights, taking holiday photos, shopping for gifts, and otherwise being distracted by preparations in the lead-up to Christmas (which is now less than two weeks away!) So in an effort to bring some of this holiday excitement to the blog, the next few posts will take a look at some of our festive hijinks this year.

For today’s installment, I wanted to share the simple personalized Christmas stockings we hung above our fireplace. We didn’t hang any Christmas stockings last year, and while we probably won’t end up stuffing them with goodies or anything, it seemed like it would be fun to hang some this year just for decoration purposes.

So I picked up some plain red and white stockings from Michaels, and added our names in glittery paint across the top. Here’s how they turned out:

As the title of this post suggests, they’re very simple, and we didn’t add any other decoration to the classic red and white stockings. The names are written in a glittery silver dimensional fabric paint from the t-shirt section, which seems to stand out well enough from the white. And it may have been a bit reckless, but I just squeezed the paint straight out of the bottle like a pen instead of trying to plan or outline anything first — luckily there were no horrible typos made!

Christmas Stocking Crafts

The bigger question than how to personalize the stockings was how to hang them, since we didn’t want to damage the fireplace itself, so we ended up going with removable Command brand damage-free hanging hooks. They’re the clear plastic ones which don’t stand out much at all, and it’s nice knowing they won’t leave marks on the polished wooden mantel.

Christmas Stocking Hooks

All in all it was a fun, quick, simple little craft project — and having personalized stockings hung over the fireplace adds a little extra fun, festive Christmas vibe to the room.

And speaking of which, the above photo shows a sneak peek of this year’s Christmas tree, which has been a ton of fun to put together — but I’m planning another post with all the details there. Stay tuned for more holiday-themed bloggings to follow shortly!


    • Thank you! :) I’m glad they turned out, and that I was able to clean up all the baby toys for long enough to take that last picture, hehe ;)

  1. Kudoes on free-handing the stockings, especially Lillian’s, as her name is much longer, and thus harder to center. I am lousy at lettering, despite being an artist. The rest of the room looks good too!

    • Thanks! Lillian’s name is the one I was most worried about messing up due to its length, and I ended up having to make the “L” bigger than the rest of the letters, but overall I’m glad it turned out okay! :)

  2. I think they’re nice, too. And really look good against the fireplace. They’re pretty big, though, and Santa might have to dig down deep to fill them! LOL!

    • Hehe, the funny thing is they actually had a smaller size which I briefly considered getting! I think the logic was “if we do end up actually stuffing the stockings, we can fit so many more goodies into these big ones!”

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