Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday! We spent our Christmas Eve observing a couple of annual traditions, like watching A Christmas Carol with Joe’s family, and frantically wrapping presents while vowing not to procrastinate so badly next year.

Speaking of procrastination, I know I had a couple other Christmas-related things I wanted to blog about before Christmas rolled around (as hinted at in that last post) — but Christmas is here already and it appears time has run out! Though I thought I’d at least take this occasion to share our little family’s first attempt at a proper Christmas card:

2012 Christmas Card

Knowing how hard it is to get a good shot of all three of us, we actually went and had some professional portraits done, taking advantage of a November special at JCPenney Portrait Studios. It was a fun first for us, and Lillian was the star of the show with her generous smiles and easygoing attitude, though even with a month’s head start we only barely managed to send the card out to a handful of people at kind of the last minute. But there you have it — the official Hart family Christmas card design for 2012!

And on that happy note, I’ve attempted to schedule this post to be published on Christmas Day at a time when I’ll probably be celebrating with family — so if it worked and you’re reading this, here’s wishing you and yours a very merry Christmas and a happy 2013!


  1. It has certainly been a wonderful Christmas! Thank you for making the trip down. Paw Paw was so pleased to watch Lillian lie on the giant teddy bear!! I believe just that one moment made his whole Christmas. Love you all!!

  2. Well, I didn’t read it until just now, but it DID post on Christmas Day! Now waiting for mom to post the pix she took, and I need to get those 2 I took at Ruby Tuesday’s off my phone and up onto Facebook. I still can’t get over Lillian trying to offer me toys in the car, though. She is just the sweetest baby on earth!

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