Holiday Lights In Our Front Windows

Continuing the saga of Christmas decorating hijinks after last week’s post about our simple personalized Christmas stockings, today I want to share the only decorations visible from the outside (aside from the tree, which you can also kind of see) — the colorful lights we put up in our front windows:

Christmas Lights in Windows

We didn’t put any lights in the front windows last Christmas, so it was kind of a fun first for our house. Since we don’t seem to have any outdoor electrical outlets (something we might have considered when we had our whole house rewiring done, if we’d been thinking ahead) we just put the lights up on the inside, where we were able to use more of those clear removable hooks that were so handy for hanging the Christmas stockings above the fireplace:

Window Christmas Light Hooks

We also tried out some plain white lights first, thinking they would fit in better with our Christmas tree, but we ended up returning them to the store. Somehow with rigging them inside our windows, the white lights seemed kind of faded — it’s a little hard to describe, but at a glance they seemed almost indistinguishable from just having some lamps on inside.

So we went back for the multicolored kind, and I think the end result feels a lot more festive. And since the lights are on the inside, Lillian can see all the pretty sparkly colors every evening, and seems quite taken with them — she points at the multicolored lights one by one, babbling in baby talk and occasionally saying things that sound suspiciously like the word “light!”

Here’s a a wider view showing some of the other lights that have gone up all around us in the neighborhood:

Christmas Light Bungalows

Clearly we have a ways to go in the curb appeal department, but at least we’re not the only dark Scroogey house in a long row of houses with bright happy light displays in their front yards and bushes and windows!

So that’s part 2 of this year’s holiday decorating saga — there’s more to come, though with Christmas less than a week away we’ll see if I can actually get everything posted before the holidays are over!


  1. I think the lights are pretty. Maybe you can add some outlets before next Christmas. It might not cost too much more to do that. I would certainly check. We’re looking forward to seeing you all soon. :)

  2. Beautiful! And your neighborhood seems like a winter wonderland for little ones! I like the lights in the basement arch window in the third picture. You wouldn’t need any outdoor outlets for that! And there’s always weatherproof extension cords, which some of us used before anyone thought of outside outlets! LOL! Really, though, I think what you have is just right! Love you all!

  3. I like your using indoor lights that are visible through the windows, it looks more Currier and Ives. I was always paranoid about those extension cords, even though I have used them, and you don’t have to worry about anyone tripping over cords in your yard! I have seen battery operated “candlesticks” and suction cup lit snowflakes for the windows too, if you wanted to add just a little more for next year. Low-key beats the high-wattage “match the neighbors” displays anyway, IMO!

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