First Time Meeting Santa Claus

Earlier this evening, Lillian’s daycare threw a little Christmas party for all the kids and parents, and there was a special guest — Santa Claus!

Santa Claus at Daycare

Okay, so technically I’m pretty sure it was actually the owner’s husband (or someone) in a Santa suit. Also, I should apologize for the poor quality of the photos in this post, since I didn’t have time to grab my good camera and they’re all taken with my phone.

All the kids got to sit on Santa’s lap, so naturally we wanted to let Lillan have a go. We didn’t know how she would react, and I’ve seen people post pictures of babies completely freaking out at Santa Claus — for some good examples, check out this amusing article featuring ten distinct “scientific categories” of kids being scared by Santa.

Lillian ended up falling somewhere into category #4 from the list: Slip Sliding Away. This was the only blurry picture I managed to snap before she squirmed her way off his lap:

Attempted Santa's Lap Picture

Although it didn’t seem like she was actually afraid — she ended up just looking impishly up at Santa from the floor, so maybe she was just feeling squirmy and restless.

Baby Looking Up At Santa Claus

Santa was a good sport about it in any case.

Santa Claus Looking Down

Baby Looking at Santa Claus

All the kids got little presents from Santa afterwards, and Lilly ended up getting a pack of crayons and a miniature coloring book — fun and educational, though we should probably be extra careful that she doesn’t eat the crayons or some such, haha.

Anyway, that’s the story of Lillian’s first time meeting Santa Claus! What about you guys — any stories of babies or kids meeting Santa Claus and reacting in interesting ways? Did you enjoy the top 10 article, or see any amusing photos or articles around the web lately? Feel free to share your stories or links in the comments!


  1. I enjoyed the article, but I don’t think Lillian was scared. She just wanted to fall back and think about it! Happy smile, with a hint of curiosity! Maybe start an article about ten positive ways to experience Santa!

    • I think you’re right! Overall she did seem more curious about the whole thing. And I like the idea of a 10 positive ways to experience Santa Claus article — now just need to come up with 9 more! :)

  2. That article was great!!! Those poor kids!! LOL I don’t think any of my kids screamed, but they did cry when they were little. At least Lillian didn’t cry. She just wanted to be an observer this year, just to make sure he was an okay guy. ;) Love you all@

    • Glad you enjoyed the article — I laughed out loud so many times while reading it, I started to feel guilty that I was getting so much enjoyment out of scared children! I think you’re right about Lillian just scoping things out though, and I’m glad she didn’t get too scared or upset about the whole thing. :)

  3. Lillian was probably just trying to figure out, “What the heck is that white thing on your face dude?” :D She’s so cute!!!!

    I don’t think we (Joe, Geoff, and I) had bad reactions to Santa as kids, but there is a series of Santa photos where Santa appears to have a bad reaction to us! Santa is frowning in the pictures!!! They are hilarious, I will have to show them to you when y’all come down for Christmas. ^_^

    • The beard may have had a lot to do with it, since I don’t think she’s had much (or any) exposure to people with their faces almost entirely covered like that. And those photos of you guys with the angry Santa Claus sound really funny! I hope I can get a chance to see them when we’re down there! :)

  4. I honestly don’t recall ever trying to take Santa pix – largely because I can’t stand mall crowds, and that’s the only place they did those here. From all the previous Lillian posts, I suspect she just didn’t want to be restrained in this new situation, as that look was more like “haha, that slide was fun, bet I can get your beard next go round”!

    • That’s a good point, given how frequently Lillian tries to pull our glasses off our faces — I could totally see her trying to pull Santa’s beard off! How to explain that one to the other kids? LOL :)

  5. Just out of curiosity I looked to see if there was anything on the net about Children’s attitudes towards Santa. I found one study done by John Trinkaus, but no pictures. He reported that of children visiting Santa in the mall, 60% were indifferent. He used this scale: Exhilarated, Happy, Indifferent, Hesitant, Saddened, Terrified. i think it would have been a better study if he’d added “Curious” or “Contemplative” to his scale. Our Lillian is both!

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