Lillian’s Photo Project: One Year Of Baby Pictures

Almost exactly one year ago, I wrote this post about starting up a baby photo project to document Lillian’s first year. After experimenting with a couple different ideas, the one I liked best involved taking her picture every month(ish) with the same stuffed bunny against a colorful backdrop, which for the first photo was a quilt she received as a gift:

The first photo in the project.

And somehow a year flew by, and we’ve celebrated Lillian’s first birthday, and I found myself shooting the one year photo, which will be the last one in the series. While the backdrop has cycled through various quilts, blankets, rugs, and playmats during the course of the project, for the last photo, I went back to the quilt from the first one:

The last photo in the series.

The increasing difficulty in shooting these pictures is a big reason why it dosen’t really make sense to try to continue it beyond the one year mark. She’s already looking vaguely annoyed in the motion-blurred process of rolling over — and this was the best of about twenty shots! Unlike the easy first photo where she was happy to “pose” for as long as needed, these days Lillian has no interest in laying still, which is a big pitfall of choosing a laying-flat-on-the-back pose. Lessons learned for hypothetical future baby #2!

Anyway, just for fun, I put together this little labeled grid of all the photos in the series:

One Year Baby Photo Project (Documenting Baby's Growth)

The full series of baby photos, from newborn to one year old.

During the project I intentionally spaced the timing out so as to end up with exactly nine, though that resulted in some little quirks like the 10-month one being taken at 10.5 months, etc., which is kind of glossed over by the labels in the grid above.

Still in all, it’s really fun to look back on these pics and see how much Lillian has grown and changed over the past year. She’s already on the brink of walking and talking and generalized toddlerhood, and thinking back on her newborn days, it’s a little hard to believe she was ever that tiny.


  1. Wow!!! Isn’t it amazing how quickly they grow that first year? That bunny seems so large in that first pic but then so small in the last one. I hope you know how much this blog means to us. You have let us share in so many of Lillian’s firsts, even though we are so far away. We are so thankful for that! I think it’s awesome to see how happy Lillian seems to be. It shows what fine parents you and Joe are, but then you learned from the best!! Love you all so much, and we can’t wait to see you soon!

    • It really is amazing how fast they grow and change, and it’s been such an experience watching Lily grow this first year. Thanks for following along with the blog, I’m glad you’re enjoying it and I always love reading the comments! Looking forward to seeing you all too! :)

  2. What I like is seeing the change of expression on Lillian’s little face. From “Being born is serious business,” through “I think I can do it,” and “It might even be fun,” to “Ready to Roll!”

    Good Job, Mom and Dad!

  3. I notice she is doing the high kick in both of the last pix – dance or karate in her future?! Whichever, she seems very happy with kicking. Can hardly wait to see y’all at Christmas!

    • Good point, I didn’t even notice that! It’s fun to speculate on what her future interests and hobbies might be and whether we might be seeing telltale signs of them already. Thanks for the comment and looking forward to seeing you all too! :)

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